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09-23-2003, 11:23 AM
Ive got a problem with the way they did single saber...its the same as it was in jedi outcast. If I have two hands on one saber it shouldn't matter what stance im in, I should have quite a bit of power to block with.

Right now light stance is useless for the most part. If anyone with a staff or dual or heavy swings at you and you have light out, your dead. Moreso with dual and staff since it spins and hits you multiple times.

I think they should do the following and I would like comments and thoughts:

1. Make all single saber stances block saber attacks like the heavy stance. A firm grip with all of your strength in one block should not be batted away by someone swinging two sabers or someone twirling a staff. Try it, get a stick and a friend.

2. Take away the powers of the light and medium stance when used by a dual and/or staff user. The advantage of single is the various stances. A dual user shoudl not get the light stance and all that goes with it as well. In other words, make it like single play. You get the "light" stance, just no powers with it.

3. Make a single saber user's powers take half the force as a doubles does. The simple logic: one saber is one times the amount of force, two sabers is double the amount of force. Jump and force powers would use the same, im talking about special moves. It should require less force to use a lunge or a stab then it should to start butterfly spinning halfway across the map (for example).

As a side note: Can you all at raven PLEASE fix hit detection. People should not block a saber when it goes through them. A dual weidler used his fast forward slashing power and I rolled around behind and stabbed out. My saber went right through him and I heard the blocking sound. Very little damage. It really ruins the mood when you pull a great move off and bad hit detection ruins it.

09-23-2003, 12:55 PM
I don't think light stance of single saber is useless
I use it when the opponnent has a fast gameplay, that means he runs everywhere, jumps everywhere all the way swinging his saber(s)
since hard stance is slow its harder to get a good hit when he's moving
and of course if someone with dual sabers or a staff swings at me while i have light stance on, i just pull back a little and use another stance to continue the fight

now for each of your points :
1. i guess it would be ok, that would just prevent me from changing styles too often :)
but if light stance is fast with a good defence wouldn't it be too easier to win a close combat fight ?
2. when i'm using a staff or dual sabers, i rarely switch styles
light stance is useless when you have dual sabers since they are fast enough
as for the staff well....its a well balanced style : you are quite offensive with a good defence so i never switch to mid stance either
i guess that if they fixed what you want i wouldnt even notice it :)
3. nice idea but half the force is a but much i think, people would start abusing those....

Sam Fisher
09-23-2003, 12:58 PM
Yes, hit-detection needs to be fixed very soon, and the single-saber blaster/projectile blocking, because when I block one blaster, my saber goes way up, then another shot finds my chest.:(

That's why I always use dual-sabers, they block good.