View Full Version : What type of dismemberment?

09-23-2003, 12:47 PM
I would like a setting were you are able to get full dismemberment but not all the time. Only when you get a good hit, somewhere around 25% to 50% of time. And how do you mantain saber damage the same? I used the short cut method and it worked good. Sabermorerealistic 2. but it seems like it is not a good hit thing but a pattern 4 dismemberments, 2 no dismemberments you can predict when you will get dismemberment is there any way to make it specific to how good the hit was. In jedi outcast, I believe I had a patch but you could but dismemberment on in the menu and excessive option and it would be perfect, with saberrealisticcombat off. I hate everytime one swing dismemberment. Does any one have a solution for this? If you change the shortcut value to Sabermorerealistic 1 do you still get full dismemberment, heads, torso, arm,legs, hand, and feet? But less random? or do you just get hand, arms, and foot? Any help would be appreciated.

PS what type of dismemberment does this patch supply, does it add a menu to it?