View Full Version : more siege maps

09-23-2003, 09:22 PM
I can say that siege mode has been by far one of the most interesting, addictive, and refreshing multiplayer modes in a long time. The objectives are interesting, the classes have their own unique feel, the map layouts are very well done, vehicles are great, and class attributes vary from map to map.

I can't think of many multiplayer experiences that matched taking on an AT-ST or rancor, so I'm quite disappointed that JA only included 3 siege maps. I understand that siege is only 1 of 6 gametypes, and as such can't demand all of Raven's attention, but I hope, however, that this great game mode, with it's huge potential, is expanded on the next patch. I remember the release of several duel maps when JO was patched, so I hope that Raven takes the time to include some siege maps in their patches.

Also, as a last picky note, my favorite class to play as is scout Boba Fett on the Tatooine rescue map. Though he's really fun to play as, particularly with his jetpack ability, I think improving his flight animations (not always crouched, using perhaps the cool animations from SP) and adding a flamethrower (instead of the weak pistol) would complete the Fett experience :D


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