View Full Version : Npcs among many things..

09-24-2003, 09:43 PM
Has anybody else besides me had trouble with the ignorant npc AI? first of all they follow you too closely so say if you attack an enemy 9 outa 10 times you end up hitting your ally, would it be possible to change this or at least code them to dodge out of the way of your saber? many times on SP have I accidentally slaughtered my allies cause they were too foolish to stay 1 foot behind me...
Second is have you ever noticed that they completely stop when u jump? on the darth vaders castle level when kyle follows you everytime u jump he stops completely until you land, wierd eh?
and sometimes kyle will die towards the middle right as you get attacked by Tie Bombers, he falls in that lava stuff, and you don't even know for almost 10 minutes, whats up with that? the game should stop right when he dies not 10 mins later after you've killed all the enemies in a level just to find that he was dead and u gotta restart...:deathii:

On a side note, is it possible for anybody to make an academy mod where you can get higher force powers? for example, maybe you could get force jump 10 and could just twice as high as you normaly can with force jump 3, I've always wanted to jump as high as NPC's do, have you ever seen them jump? they go skyhigh! I wanna jump that high! is that possible to do?:fett: