View Full Version : is this demo quirk in the full game?

09-25-2003, 12:38 AM
ok let me see if I can explain this well.

In the demo when you do the mission which has the dark jedi in it, where you stop them stealing force power from a jedi tomb. Your character has level 3 of the core powers...
push, pull, saber offense and defense. ok now in choosing my character I choose one which uses the strong style. When I get to the game, I press L and it switches to blue, then when I press L again, it flicks to yellow very briefly and back to and stays on blue. it won't go through the styles... in choosing the strong style, was it supposed to be able to use strong only and not be able to switch?

now I chose strong style and did the other mission with chewie, it stays on strong style and cant be switched to light or medium. all well and good.
so I setforceall 3. And I switch, I press L once, and my stance changes to the yellow stance but it still shows the bar as red for the saber stance in the force meter window.
and when I swing the saber in this weird mode, (showing red stance selected, but your hilt is by your side like medium stance) anyhow when i swing the saber, it swings like a fast red stance, and a slow yellow. meaning it swings faster than how strong how would swing, but slower than yellow would go.

and I am unable to switch between blue yellow and strong....is it possible to do this once you have learned all three styles in the full game? if so why is it that you pick a style to start with? or do you start with a default style in the full game? also when this weird stuff is happening, and I set forceall to 3, the blue stance swings the same fast way but it swings slightly different than normal.

are these quirks in the full game? everything in the demo works fine when i choose the stance, the stance speeds match those of JO in that case...but when it comes to switching and switching back.

09-25-2003, 12:57 AM
The demo is limited to the blue and yellow stances. There are cheats to get around it, but this limitation is not in the full game.

If you are expecting things to be exactly like JO you may want to pass on this game. If you enjoyed JO but aren't stuck on having a sequel being exactly the same you may enjoy it.