View Full Version : Set Seta Binds cfg files

09-25-2003, 03:11 PM
Hi starting a second form CFG files. I like to make CFG files for binds and client side SET comands. For any who dont know if you bring down the console you can change settings to make your client on a server run the way you like. Also in SP mode. I like to bind taunts to keyboard settings LIKE this
/bind x "taunt" // where x is a letter or number.
/bind x "gloat"
/bind x "bow"
/bind x "meditate"
Try them out you will like them. Please other's add your setting hear for other's to enjoy.

I am looking for anyone who can tell me how to use the voicechat command as well as music, startorbit, mp3_calcvols I am hopeing to run my faverate music as I play the game and make my own taunts with voicechat.

Can anyone tell me the setting for turning your cross hairs to red so you can see what your aimming at.

Let's make this form the most popular one by entering the setting that will make the game the most fun for the game player.:cool: