View Full Version : it's a long shot, but...

09-29-2003, 05:52 AM
Is there a place I can order the Sam and Max comic books from without resorting to Ebay?

09-30-2003, 01:00 AM
Black market underground mafia gangs.

09-30-2003, 09:41 AM
Wellp, they were never available at retail here in Scotland, so I wrote to Marlowe & Co (publishers) in New York explaining the situation. I got back from them an envelope containing a copy of the book for absolutely nothing, pretty generous huh?

Of course that's probably no help, I'm guessing Marlowe aren't in business anymore...

09-30-2003, 09:05 PM
What year was that?

That's really nice of them. Aw, people are so cute.

10-01-2003, 04:49 PM
Aren't they just :D
That was way back in... oh god, musta been 1996...

10-19-2003, 03:55 PM
I found 2 of them at a comic convention. I paid a lot for them, but it might be worth checking out in your area. I think Borders can special order the collective book.

10-19-2003, 11:08 PM
SO let's say I have a book with a personal hand drawn picture of Max in it by Steve Purcell... how much would a nerd give me for it?

10-20-2003, 12:47 AM
A nerd eh? I'd say $100,000 starting bid.

10-20-2003, 10:05 AM
Wow, I could buy Princess Leia nudes with that kind of money!

10-20-2003, 08:08 PM
Nudes? Expand your horizons! You could probably get your hands on her anti-jiggle breast tape from A New Hope for that much.

10-23-2003, 01:10 PM
I got all my Sam & Max's at a downtown comic store. All original prints, i got doubles of a couple.

All for cheap. They don't know what gold they hold within. I just saw the blue one, umm the color collection go for like 20 us. I got it for 6 bucks canadian. 2 of em!

Sadly I still don't have the collected. I even got a picture personally draw for me by Purcell and no collected. But these ebay fools are paying like 50 bucks for it. I'm not rich like that.

11-12-2003, 09:55 AM
there aren't any on ebay.co.uk I'm gonna cry!

11-28-2003, 12:15 AM
Holy Crap, you got the Sam and Max comics for that cheap, what comic store is it in Toronto, I'll have to check it out next time I'm down there... wait, did you clean them out of Sam and Max, AndrewL?

12-02-2003, 05:29 PM
Of Course I cleared it out. Haven't seen a sam n max comic in there for over a year now.