View Full Version : Moderators Appointed.

11-28-1999, 01:55 PM
Just a quick congratulations to Jamison and Jake... two veterans of the IndyJones.Net board who have been appointed moderators, and also achieved rank of Colonel.

They will have the authority to close threads they find are totally not appropriate for this board.. i.e. warez, etc... although the censoring of material is to be very sparingly used... very...

There should be little need for closing threads, etc.. because in general there are a great group of people using the boards... 99% of whom are helpful and friendly.

UBB is working to modify their code so that we can add ranks...it's currently limited to 4... and we should soon see a version which will allow additional levels.

-Once again, congrats to Jamison and Jake who I'm sure will do a fine job.