View Full Version : Dismemberment question #2,943,596.. just a quick question...(POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Lord Raptor
10-02-2003, 07:18 AM
I have seen tons of advice on this board about dismemberment. I have seen people advising folks to put helpusobi 1 and the classic JO saberrealisticcombat 1 cheat in. This doesn't do a thing in my game, yet others claim it works. Are these people full of crap or are there different versions of JA out there?

My real question pertains to another slightly different area of the dismemberment quagmire. I have gotten dismeberment working by using the command line method... HOWEVER... this only seems to work on certain levels... and even then only on a couple enemies. For example, on the wedge antilles level where you are on the gas platform, I can cut up nearly 95% of the enemies with ease, but on the byss level I can only get it to happen like 20% of the time. Both levels were stormtrooper infested so I don't think it's cuz they were different types of enemies...because well... they weren't! In any case, it works well enough for me that I can wait for a patch or mod to get it working properly. Any info is appreciated.