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01-09-2000, 09:35 AM
Help pleas - Can't seem to finish this one. I kill generator, first AT-AT (sometimes with three AT-PTs), get the second walker, then sometime between the second and third walker, I lose all AT-PTs. Who is killing them, and what sequence should I be killing foes? I have collected all bonuses to this point.

01-10-2000, 10:39 AM
You're probably destroying the generator too early. Let your fellow pilots take care of the gate. Take out the one or two turrets on the way to the first AT-AT and then kill the AT-AT as soon as possible. If possible, go after the second before the gate is blown.

There are also a few tank droids that you can take out on the way...particularly between the second and third AT-AT's. Every little bit helps.

01-10-2000, 05:14 PM
On the final approach to the transport, there is a horde of tank droids that materialize on the hill behind the AT-PT's. If you dont kill them as soon as they appear, they can take down the AT-PT's really fast. The best way to be prepared is to try and stay behind the AT-PT's on the final approach (before they make the turn into the valley with the transport) so you can make a long slow pass and kill all the tanks that come up form behind. Also, you might want to try ignoring the first AT-AT thats attacking the AT-PTs behind the first gate. They dont start taking damage until you can see them and the AT-AT. Then go and take out all the other turrets and AT-ATs that you would have encountered later to save yourself some trouble. And you shouldnt be concerned with the generators until the ATPT's are safely off the planet.

01-11-2000, 02:44 AM
Fest is a b***h if you haven't found the advanced lasers on Taloraan. The bonus is right in the middle of the big cloud city at the end of the level...

Fest: the key is focus. You have to kill the bad guys in prioritized order, or they'll zap up your AT-PT's. First shoot all the laser turrets, starting with the two by the generator and winding up with the last one just outside the shield wall at the facility. Head for the AT-PT's and take out the first AT-AT that is attacking them. Once it's down, head straight for the AT-AT by the generator and kill it. Then take out the last AT-AT; just when you're done, the twelve tank droids should be coming in from both sides of the valley to ambush your AT-PT's. Kill all twelve tanks, even if the bombers start flying by (the AT-PT's don't reach the kill zone until after the bombers come back around for their second pass, anyway.) Then, take out the eight TIE bombers.

If you've done this correctly, without wasting any time, you should have three AT-PT's trotting happily through the snow at this point. They're home free--now you can worry about the generator and the research facility.

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