View Full Version : Paragon Leon's Birthday Too!

Boba Rhett
10-04-2003, 04:46 AM
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Leon, happy birthday to you!

Yep, He turns the big 30 today! We're going to have to start mocking the old man for this, of course. ;)

hands Leon an elf and a birthday gift basket*

The elf's name is Eaks and he likes to eat nickels. Have fun! :rhett:

10-04-2003, 04:54 AM
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gives you free pizza and cinnistix*

Crazy_dog no.3
10-04-2003, 10:22 AM
Bon Anniversaire!

10-04-2003, 11:43 AM
Originally posted by Crazy_dog no.3
Bon Anniversaire!

(!!!) another french speaking guy (!!!)

Happy b-day Leon!!!!

*copies and pastes the following line from the Shearck thread *

Hope ya'll get everything you want today!!!

10-04-2003, 12:24 PM
Congrats man!!
man, 30 years old. . .
thats old ! j/k;)

10-04-2003, 02:07 PM
You're old...:eek:


Happy Birthday, old sport :)

10-04-2003, 02:13 PM
Wow... he is old. :eek:

With age comes wisdom and such is the folley of youth though! :D

Have a great day on the anniversary of your birth on to this rock! :p

10-04-2003, 02:24 PM
30! Ach! He's but a wee lad... I remember being 30 (unfortunately) and it's not the end of the world... yet. (Give it a few years to sink in! :D )

Happy birthday!

10-04-2003, 06:25 PM
Happy birthday to teh verloofd one! ^_^

10-04-2003, 08:26 PM
thank you, thank you, thank you.
Yes, it is true.
I turned 30 today; to be precise: at 21:40 PM dutch time.

Had a wonderful day - even did some wedding-planning related stuff - and thought i'd check the occasional mail / posting before i turned in.. Rhett was waaaay ahead of me...

It hasn't sunk in yet, but i probably had about 900 people singing Happy Birthday for me at a concert where one of my magazines was plugged - the mc was going to give a shout about it..

10-05-2003, 02:38 AM
Congrats Leon!

Darth Homer
10-05-2003, 02:42 AM
2 forum b-days for the price of....uh...2 :D

Happy B-day, Leon!!

Sherack Nhar
10-05-2003, 11:35 PM
Gelukkige Verjaardag Leon!

Here's to the next thirty years! :cheers:

10-06-2003, 04:33 AM
Happy Birthday Leon! Sorry I'm late! I hope it was an awesome one. :cool:

10-06-2003, 11:02 AM

Best wishes for the next 30 years. (Then we can REALLY pick on you)

*walks away humming "leon's an old gezer, leon's an old gezer,..."*

Billy Shears
10-06-2003, 01:52 PM
Feliz cumpleaņos. :)

10-06-2003, 09:40 PM
Sherack: that's some nifty Dutch....

10-08-2003, 06:30 PM
And I missed another one too..

Happy belated B Day..

:cheers: :guiness: