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12-29-1999, 12:51 AM
I am having a major problem . I can't get my towcable to fire in the level 4 mission to rescue the defector Madine. As I approach the legs of the walker, I can hear the cockpit voice saying "activate towcable", but when I try to fire it nothing happens (except the sound of an empty missile rack) The towcable is supposed to be the secondary weapon on the speeder, and it is necesary to bring down the walker. I tried everything; pressing "Enter" (on the NumberPad), pushing "F" , pushing "Alt", pushing my #2 button on my joystick; I have tried everything that is supposed to fire the secondary weapon, and the towcable never fires. All I get is the words, "activate towcable", and thats it. Also, I can't get past this level either, is that related to my not being able to bring down the walker? And, if not related to the walker, what is the key to getting past that level? Should I leave the walker alone and concentrate on the aircraft?

Sincerely, Maj

Lt Guilo
12-29-1999, 05:31 AM
Um, I think you might try using the Special Function button for Tow Cable deployment (the same button that you used to close and open the X-Wing's S-Foils, FYI)....or perhaps you need to reconfigure your button assignments for whatever joystick you're using. I don't remember, exactly...it's been over a year since I was answering these types of questions. But failing those two, if you've never successfully tow-cabled an AT-AT before, the timing is a bit of a ***** to learn at first, so stick with it....

12-30-1999, 06:43 AM
It took me a while to figure this out, too. As Lt.Guilo said, it really is a b---- to learn. What you have to do is hit and *hold* the "secondary weapon" button (it's ALT on my comp, but check your keyboard settings to be sure) until the tow cable is out and attached to the walker. Prepare for the camera angle on your craft to change once you do this. After the cable is attached, you must circle around the walker several times. Make sure you stay reasonably close to the legs, or the cable will detach and you will have to start over. I believe Luke Skywalker says "One more pass," then after you make another circle, the cable automatically detaches and the walker goes tumbling down. Then feel free to make a strafing run to destroy the AT-AT for good. Hope this helps. =)


PS- Lt.Guilo, you wouldn't happen to be Chinese, would you? Or perhaps a white guy with some Chinese friends? ;-)

12-30-1999, 04:48 PM
bunch a newbies huh?



Sa Memax
12-30-1999, 10:08 PM
You may be firing to late.When I do it I fire as soon as I hear "FIRE".Although I do agree it does take alot of practice.When you are new to the game.

12-31-1999, 05:02 AM
Maybe we should throw you out to make room SKW!

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For once i must admire you for your witty and intelligent humour oh ravish one.

01-01-2000, 03:03 PM
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Lt Guilo
01-18-2000, 11:01 AM
SunTzu - a white guy, I'm afraid.
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01-30-2000, 04:52 AM
I'm having exactly the same problem, and none of the above solutions worked. If I hold down the secondary weapon key, it just keeps making that same noise like I don't have a secondary weapon. The special action key doesn't do anything either. Any other keys I might try?

01-30-2000, 08:56 AM
Well, I guess we all eventually figure it out. You don't shoot the stupid tow cable while you have the legs in the crosshairs, you wait until Luke says "activate tow cable". The camera angle is wierd but easy enough to get used to. Took me three tries just to win that level even after I figured it out.

So, uh, nevermind.