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01-19-2000, 07:54 AM
This is my first attempt to chat with another Rogue Squadron member. i have run these missions with great diligence at times(time permited) and have scored GOLD in both Mos Eisley and Barkesh campaigns. i come to all of you now to help me defeat the empire on Nonnah. i attempt many different stratagies... all i can imagine.nothing i can do seems to work. (recently spend 4 hours a day over past 8-days). unless i get a clue, well, i'll just keep trying and lose my paying job. just kidding, i am a pastor. and with the many people i know (many teenagers) none can tell me how to get through Nonnah. there has to be an understandable approach to save Nonnah,...many of them. please... just a little help here. i really want to move on in this game. my real life is spent helping real people find a purpose and blessings in their lives through the love and teachings of JESUS CHRIST. since i truly believe i do the most important job on this planet, help me get some release by showing me how to kick behind on other planets.
i do not mean to trivialize this game. it is very important to me and my ability to "go somewhere else" and to "do what is right".
thank you for your help.

01-19-2000, 11:35 AM
Ok, what exactly are you having trouble with? If you cant find the ship, you have to keep looking in all three areas. The map looks like a 3 pointed star, and each mission the Nonnah is positioned randomly in one of the points. Once you find it, your primary concern should be the bombers, NOT the fighters. The bombers are the only thing that really does dammage to the ship. If you have the opportunity, you can shoot the fighters down with missiles, but try to concentrate only on the bombers. After the first wave (2 ships) go to where the bombers come out from behind the cliff and shoot them all down before they get close to the Nonnah. Also, make straffing passes at all the stuff comming out of the sentinel shuttle. If you wait a while then go in slow, you should be able to take out all the walkers/tanks in 2 passes. After the shuttle takes off, you should start concentrating on the TIE's, they fly in clusters so taking them all down at once shouldnt be much of a problem. And if you have the chance, unload all your missiles here on fighters. Then, the rescue craft will pass over the cliff and the mission will end.

01-19-2000, 01:17 PM
At the start of the mission, don't even bother to search for the Nonnah, just shoot down as many baddies as you can. After a short time you will hear (I assume you have sound) the general say "The Nonnah reports they are under attack" at this point your radar will identify where to go to find the Nonnah, then follow what Fire Fly said in the previous post. Good luck!

01-19-2000, 01:24 PM
The bombers won't come until you destroy the three tank droids and the AT-ST that come out of the Impirial landing craft.

01-31-2000, 09:12 PM
Well, were you blessed by our info or what?