View Full Version : Pro's and Con's - Good and Bad

10-05-2003, 08:00 AM

After playing JA while, it feels much more balanced than JK2, and I really like the new sabers styles and sabers.

The new models are really cool too.

It takes time, and it appears the game is spammy at first. But than once you get used to the combinations and moves, it actually feels more in control than JK2. Players just need to give it a chance and eventually the control will click and they will understand what I mean by this.

The single player is much more fun, since I go right into saber combat, and I like the choice of using the dark side vs. light side forces, changing my destiny, and choosing which mission I take on.

Very nice job Raven.


A pity you don't have PunkBuster support, I fear cheaters will take over eventually, but at least for now the game is very fun.

Also very unfortunate the dedicated server doesn't seem to work with FreeBSD 4.x. I would be happy to troubleshoot and do any beta testing to get it working with 4.x (because 4.x is very stable and runs JK2 servers very well - much better than normal Linux distributions), please feel free to PM or email me if you want to engage in a dialogue to fix this problem.

For more information on FreeBSD 4.x problem, please see the following thread:


Thank you. :)