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02-22-2000, 05:56 PM
hello pro's
is there anybody who can explain how to complete the mission def. a. corellia? I know how to catch the torpedo, but how must i free the general or finish this level. Every time. they say: return to base, we lost good people today". So, i'm missing the clue here.

02-22-2000, 07:12 PM
its probably the ATAT in the back of the city that you are forgetting. If you dont kill it quickly, then it will kill the big mission-critial tall building and you will loose the game. After you trip it, immediately go to the building where the general is, kill the second ATAT and its ATST escorts and then try to finish off the bombers before they drop thier bombs. As for 'catching the torpedo', I'm not exactly sure about what you mean...

02-23-2000, 12:49 AM
Marc's probably talkin' about the "Bonus."

Bill the Cat

02-25-2000, 04:24 AM
I posted on another strand, but I'll try here too...I can't seem to wrap up the AT-AT. Any advice? I can fire the tow rope fine, but I either fly into the legs or suddenly lose the "out of ship" view. I'm flying with a mouse...can I get the walker without a joystick?

Bloom County Lives!

02-26-2000, 03:35 AM
To the first poster: once you've taken out the fighters at the tactical base, don't shoot down any more fighters for awhile. Head down the coastline to just past the capital tower area (you can take out some landed boats on the way) & you'll see the first AT-AT. Take him down ASAP. Then head back to the tech center area (you can take out a couple fighters on the way if it doesn't take long) and take down the second cow. If you enter the tech center area from behind the neighboring city, you'll be right behind him for an easy entry. The rest is easy.

To the mouser: taking down AT-ATs requires a lot of turning, and I just can't see doing it with a mouse. Maybe work up some sort of mouse-keyboard combo to use your keys for turning(?).

A little recommendation: a lot of people keep ahold of the inside brake when they're getting used to this. Probably the HARDEST way is to do it at normal speed. Its actually easier to do it at FULL throttle.. then you're just turning almost all the time.

What I've ended up doing is this: I hit the brakes to ensure the harpoon activates OK. Then it pans back, and I take a second to check my angle, and hit the throttle. You only have to hit the throttle once with the speeders & they'll stay full-throttle.

After WAY too many tries, I just got my gold in Fest (if you think the AT-ATs in Corellia are tough, wait till you get to Fest!). It should be called cow-fest with all those ^&#* AT-ATs. There was just no way to get that done in 6 1/2 minutes (gold time) without wrapping cows at full speed. After Fest, I do Correllia just for fun.

That makes my 17th gold! Seems like Fest & Taaloran are always the last ones people get the gold in...am I wrong?

star turtle
02-27-2000, 12:20 AM
Yes, I am afraid you are wrong about that.
I actually got all the golds in order. Taloraan right before Fest. But if anybody has a CLUE as to how you achieve gold on that thorn-in-my-side Thyferra (Dang, I hate that stage) I would appreciate the help. I just got my twelth gold at Fest.

02-29-2000, 06:47 PM
On Thyferra, the key is speed. You have to go around in a kind of circle, killing every single enemy building you see on the map in a quick efficent manner. Its best to avoid the fighters while doing this, then come back to take care of them later. Use missiles often, cause if you dont you will probably be shot down with alot of unused ammo left. With the fighters, some of them can be a real pain. Dont fly straight at them, or they can take you out really quick. After the ties are dead, unload all your missiles on Seerdon, then pull far away and go in on strafing runs. If you still have another life left sometimes it can be more efficent to just run into a hill to get a new craft and fire all your new missiles at him again, as opposed to strafing him with lasers.

02-29-2000, 10:03 PM
If you're useing the X-Wing, hit your foils between areas of engagement. Saves time, you won't be able to save some ammo too. Discipline is a key too. Check out my name and you can imagine how hard it was for me to fold wings and boogie off without a fight.
If you can, get the V-wing. Save at least four missles fer ol' Moff. Good luck.

Bill the Cat