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03-01-2000, 05:30 PM
hi! i cant get the gold medal in the moff serdons revenge stage and in escape from fest can you lend me a hand...?

star turtle
03-01-2000, 05:57 PM
DANG! I just wrote 10 paragraphs here about how to get gold on Fest, and then somehow it all got erased!!! !@#$%^&*!!

Sorry. How about this? Give me your e-mail address, cos I am writing a FAQ to post on gamefaqs.com that would tell you al about that, and I'll e-mail you to let you know if they post it.

"The gate is down. Repeat! The gate is down!"

-Luke Skywalker, escape from Fest

03-12-2000, 11:57 PM
Here's what I do:
1. go straight ahead, take out the middle and right gun turret. Turn right, so the wall is just to your right. GO STRAIGHT from there.

2. You'll be a ways behind the first AT-AT. When you're lined up, turn left and take out a few of the ground troops while lining yourself up to harpoon the cow. Use your brakes to slow yourself down.

3. Harpoon the AT-AT, then make sure you've rounded the front, and HIT THE THRUSTER. Sounds wierd, but it works. As long as you don't hit the leg on the first turn, you can just turn & burn. This is the key to winning gold in Fest - you gotta do it fast.

4. Once the cow is down, head (thrusters on) toward the left side of the gate. You'll see laser fire coming out of the left gun (even before you see the guns). Head toward that. Once you see it, fire off several rounds, then take out the second gun. Don't wait for the first gun to explode before firing at the second gun. Try to take out a few ground troops too, but don't pass the AT-AT. I usually try to hit one brake while lining up the harpoon. Then follow the same procedure as above.

5. Go straight for the third cow (stay low to avoid the gun), take 'er down. Then take out the gun. There'll be some little tank droids coming over the hill near that gun, take those out. Then take out the remaining tank droids. You'll probably have died once by now!

6. Take out the bombers that just showed up. Then head toward the last gun turret you took out; four more bombers are coming from that direction.

7. With any luck, you have three happy little pigs by now, but you still have to hurry. Zip over to the shield generator, take it out.

8. Now head back to the research facility and take its guns out, hopefully before they say the AT-PTs have reached the landing zone.

9. Head up the hill for the bonus, then back to the research facility. Rip off some shots at the research facilty whenever you can. Take out all the ground troops (you need the kills), then take out the research facility.

I had a terrible time with this level at first, until I found you could take down AT-ATs at full speed. Now I get gold-qualifying runs more often than not.