View Full Version : Tie Fighter????

Matt Skywalker
02-21-2000, 10:08 AM
Where can I get the Tie fighter?????

02-21-2000, 12:45 PM
You must get a gold medal on every level (including extra levels) or there are cheat codes which are bad. Cheating bad.

Rick Gateley
02-21-2000, 03:05 PM
To get the tie fighter on the pc, type in WOOKIEPELT-to get the Millenium Falcon, and then type in GOODGUYTIE-which will allow you to get the tie fighter. The tie fighter is locared behind the Millenium Falcon. It is trickey to get. GOOD LUCK!

Y-Wing expert

04-09-2000, 09:00 PM
When you get to the milleneom falcan you have to hold your joystick back and wait till nit brings you to the tie.