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10-07-2003, 02:51 AM
Ive created another torso for jaden..basically gave his jedi outfit a black and maroon look..but i cant get the color choices..the trim to map onto the skin..it just shows up textureless...anyone know the proper methods for adding custom torsos and other bits into the game??? am i missing a file to tell it to map it to my new torso?

i chanted the .skin file corresponding to the torso i used as my template...and of course changed all the names..i even added in some lines to my shader file...im lost..i need som help!


10-07-2003, 05:27 PM
You're not alone there. I've used two different programs (Photoshop 7 and Macromedia Fireworks) and have the exact same problem. I also have a problem with the icons which, ironically, show nothing but the trim which does change color on the icon but not the model. It has something to do with .png files and alpha channels, I believe, but that's all I know.

10-08-2003, 02:01 AM
ive gotten my skin to work..but the icon still eludes me....

basically its a transparency thing...if u started it in photoshop photoshop will not save the transparencies and save those areas as white colors..

once u make yer skin in photoshop bring it up in fireworks and just cut out the white parts
then save it again being sure to keep the filetypes.

the icon has something to do with the actual model as its displayed in the game.....i still ahve yet to figure out how to make icons fer these damned custom options.

10-08-2003, 01:44 PM
Okay, this is getting strange. Using photoshop, I was able to get the custom clothes to where you could actually see the trim, not just white, but it wouldn't change colors.

I gave what you suggested a shot. I used Fireworks to cut out the trim sections and now I get just white, even with a transparent canvas. I think I'm just gonna wait and hope some skinning tools get released soonish.

10-24-2003, 06:46 PM
i know photoshop when saving images interprets transparent areas as white.

when in fireworks i saved it right out of fireworks..and i could get the cutom colors...

i ended up settling on just painting it in black..cuz i made a black jedi outfit for HM jaden. and the colors looked horrible anyway.

i still wanna figure out how the hell to make icons for the custom options...i only got the trim in my icon.

10-26-2003, 02:49 AM
I'm actually trying to create the Dark Jedi versions of Jaden for all races and sexes.

Using ONLY photoshop i was able to keep the trim changing the colors. But the icon is the eluding one.

I too am having trouble getting the icon to show everything and not just the trim.

10-26-2003, 04:59 AM
photoshop will maintain transparencies asl ong as the file is saved with the correct extension.....certain file formats do not support transparency.....this is not an issue with saving.....it is an issue with the program not opening the file properly to begin with.....>png's support multi-layered transparencies and alpha transparencies.....the places in the skin and in the icon showing up as completely transparent are NOT supposed to be completely transparent.....they are supposed to be textured.....so that when you make your color changes, your players clothes still resemble clothes and not solid blocks of color....to review what everyone has already discussed previously......if you download ACDSee, it will show you acomplte image with all layers for the .png images.....but that does us little good, as ACDSee is not an image editing program.....but the other layers are not being opened correctly with fireworks or photoshop.....if you are having no problems witt this, it is because you are working with existing files.....(which will save properly whether they display properly or not)....but when you are trying to create new classes, then you have an issue.....i opened an existing .png, vest03 for example in Photoshop, selected the transparent areas, and then the inverse and delted all the visible image data.....so that to me it looked completely transparent....saved the file.....renamed it so that it could be copied into another characters folder and loaded with their model in modview.....all the areas i had delted were gone, but lo and behold, there was all the image information i couldn't see in photoshop floating in blank space.....so, if all you're doing is editing existing files you should be able to work around this fairly easily.....the information IS there.....we just can't SEE it....so the true problem comes in when we get to the icons....because all we can see is the trim.....that would be because whatever is NOT transparent in the icons, is what changes colors.....as opposed to the opposite with the skins.....so showing your new skin in an icon becomes completely impossible when dealing with image programs that cannot open them properly.....because more than likely more than the trim changed on your new skin.....

this,as a graphic artist who actually pays for his programs really p!$$es me off.....if you pay 500-700 dollars for an image-editing program, the d@mn thing should open any format of image out there.....and if it doesn't handle it upon release a proper plug-in should soon follow.....