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06-23-2000, 11:17 AM
Here's my prescription for gold performance at Thyferra. [First of all, make sure that you have armed yourself with seeker missiles, brought from Taloraan, I think.]

The battlefield at Thyferra consists of: the Northern valley, the Central valley, the Corner Redoubt & the Hilltop Redoubt (both in the south-west corner) and two villages in the south-east. [The Western valley is unfortified, but contains the bonus cluster seeker missiles you'll need at Calamari.] On entry, you are flying south to north, towards an isolated hilltop missile launcher (and the western end of the Northern valley), and behind you there are two laser turrets. Awkward! See the solution, below.

Other things you need to know:

#1 While you are flying on s-foils, missile launchers ignore you, even deliberately turning their backs on you. So, when you want to take one out, fly at it on s-foils holding down the primary firing button (Ignore the guy who says, "Can't fire, the s-foils are closed." - you know that, 'cos you closed them.) and, at the last moment, hit the brake and watch him dissolve.

#2 There are four kamikazes who don't appear on the scene UNTIL you have destroyed ANY ONE of the four missile launchers in the valleys. [The other enemy flyers are peaceful souls, flying in dreary circles, who'll let you fly up behind them and blast them without a fight.] The kamikazes have it in for you personally (Does each of them have a sister in each of the missile launchers?), and fly directly at you, tracking you continuously if you attempt to outpace them. Also awkward. Solution: Take out those missile launchers AFTER everything else, then deal finally, and swiftly, with the kamikazes. [The corollary of this tactic is that you stay on s-foils when you are not actually firing at something.]

#3 There are 59 'savables' at Thyferra. You need to save 55, so you can afford to lose 4.

#4 There are 4 AT-STs intent upon destroying Bacta containers or civilians, so they are high priority targets. They'll eat up most of your 'affordables'. [Fortunately, each one of them only BEGINS his predations when you appear over his horizon.]

#5 Several laser turrets are placed close to Bacta containers, so you might accidentally destroy a container with your own fire, or 'attract' the turret's fire 'through' the container. Avoiding such incidents entails learning the correct angle for approaching each turret.

#6 There are 10 brown boxes that have to be destroyed. Take them out when and where you can, but in any case they must ALL have been destroyed when you complete your final run taking out the four missile launchers; when the last missile launcher falls there must be nothing left on the board EXCEPT the newly arrived kamikazes.

And so, to work:

On entry, hit the s-foils. That'll 'hide' you from the missile launcher ahead and get you out of range of the laser turrets behind. Take out the missile launcher (as described above) and make a wide, 90 degree turn to the right, coming up behind an AT-ST. Hit the brake and take it out with a combination of cannon fire and one missile. Make a long turn to the right to come to the villages in the south-east. Take out the 5 bombers there, with cannons and/or missiles. Take out the laser turret and brown box between the villages.

Fly along the southern boundary to the Corner Redoubt, taking out an AT-ST, with a combination of cannon fire and 1 missile, two laser turrets with cannon fire and the other AT-ST with cannon fire (and a missile, if you have one left). Take out the two brown boxes and you're headed towards the Hilltop Redoubt. Take out both laser turrets and a brown box.

Now it's time to hunt down the three pairs of TIEs that are circling the Central valley. While you are doing that, pick up the bonus in the Western valley and try to pick off brown boxes that are still loose.

Finally, flying west to east through the Central valley and east to west through the Northern valley, take out the four missile launchers (and remaining brown boxes), ending up in the north-west corner. Race into the corner, hit the brake and turn to face the incoming kamikazes. If you have contrived to acquire your second ship by this time, it should have a blue shield and six missiles. You'll need three of those for the showdown with Moff Kohl Seerdon, so take out at least one of the kamikazes with cannons. Otherwise, figure it out for yourself!

The important feature of this final shootout, in my experience, is that the kamikazes come at you in quick order, but one at a time. [I think that they materialise out of hyper-space above the centre of the Northern valley.] So you can avoid lengthy, time-consuming dog-fights with each one of them. Oh, and then locate and destroy Moff Seerdon.

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