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10-07-2003, 07:31 AM
Got off work all excited about getting to play. When all of a sudden things just went downhill.

Went to this duel server. This dude was rocking. My turn is up. Downchop with red single. I timed it right and was behind him. No scream nothing. he then backstabs me. Ow ok maybe i missed it. I swing with red and duck hitting him once and then he hits me with a spin attack to kill me. His hp 96...

Well after a few rounds of small things like that going on. I went to play a free for all. I was having a blast until 5 people all staffs doing butterfly everywhere. Ok leaving server...Well that was the only good one in the short list *dont want to download gamespy* well lets try seige. 6 of my sniper shots go through people DEAD ON HITS i mean i even tried it on a afker. The shot goes through the person and makes a hole behind them. Today is not a good day to be a jedi. I might just go back to jk2 until they fix some of the hitbox ghoul 2 or whatever it is called issues. Things like that should be tested before gold. *something that major*

Clemme w/Stick
10-07-2003, 07:36 AM
We've had lots of discussions on that Red DFA. As far as I could conclude, ppl were ok and fine with the way Raven had don with it. I may be wrong here.
As for the Sniper, that sounds wierd. I havent heard about that problem yet.


10-07-2003, 08:03 AM
No offense, but what was your ping on each of these servers?

The saber damage thing depends on the server settings. I set mine to saberdamagescale 2 because its more realistic and I hate duels that go on for a thousand years while I'm waiting. ; p

Also keep in mind that shields (Green splashes when you hit somebody) make a huge difference in whether or not they can survive attacks, whether from guns, explosions or sabers. In Duel you get 0 meaning sabers are more deadly, but in regular games a person could have 100, meaning they can take pretty much twice the normal damage.

That Sniper thing sounds like lag, because I kill people in 2 shots max with the scoped shots. It takes some doing to HIT them in the first place (lag makes it much harder to hit people at all), but once hit, usually the first shot takes out their shields, the second kills them, or at least will take them down to 1 health if it's a grazing shot.

My advice, give it time, once the bugs are ironed out with the server display and more people get the game and learn how to play Siege, it will get better.

Or you could try to join my server (see sig below). What have you got to lose?

10-07-2003, 08:09 AM
He even tried on afk'er
now that is something ****ed

10-07-2003, 01:37 PM
my pings was 60-90 *i dont go on to servers or stay more then that*

The saber dmg i dont mind to much. But my saber going Right through someone from behind and them NOT blocking. and it does not hit at all. The whole server was like wtf and calling the dude cheater and crap when i know it has to be a bug cause others have been through it. So it does not just happen with guns it also does with sabers. I dont know what the problem is. But i know some of my shots should have hit when it goes through the people and some just does not dmg them at all. Thats my main problem with this game right now. Oh and about the sheilds. No i played jk2 enough to know about things like that. I am 150 percent sure that my hits was dead on. I went to some other servers did not happen as much. When i used saber tho it seems to happen alot more. Its like you are hitting a ghost and the person takes no dmg at all. If someone wants to test it on duels go for it. I tested it some on bots and 3/10 some of my hits would not take effect on target. It seems to happen the most with the single saber.

10-07-2003, 02:43 PM
yeah this is sad but you can have bad days in all games dude! and you just have to learn strat like butterfly isnt hard at all! just roll under and stab em when they are finnishibng the butterfly or if weapons are enabled shot them so they can atack you then strike them down ;)