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Drake Montana
10-07-2003, 08:21 AM
Hi My names Drake and a newbie here, I was jsut wonder with something on my mind, is it possible to add different species to your selection, like Dasann, or maybe soem dragon type of race,

sorry about asking but I'm a fan of dragons and though that a dragon type of creature with a tail and wings might spice things up a bit for it for single player and multiplayer

10-07-2003, 08:34 AM
You could add a new model to the game for multiplayer. as for as the SP goes, dunno

10-07-2003, 12:38 PM
There was a pack of Chiss Skins that worked with SP, and added a tab for "Male Chiss" when you created your character. The mod also worked with MP. So bassiacaly yes, because it's been done, but you need to make skins and know how he added it, and I personaly have no clue how.

here is the mod


No it does not override the Human Male selection.

D_P ^_^

10-07-2003, 06:40 PM
This thread is your friend...


Cruise through its contents (and the demo thread linked in the main post as well) and you'll find all sorts of ways to modify your SP character to your liking, even without using addon mods!

Drake Montana
10-08-2003, 12:49 PM
Cool, thanks guys for that info, I just thought of something if I'm not too push for anyone, but I was thinking of makeing my own model, what program would be best to use to help me make one?

Drake Montana