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06-12-2000, 02:08 PM
To make gold time at the Imperial Construction Yards, leave the scanners to your wing men. Two seconds after the dust has settled on the first one, hit the thrusters, flying high on the right, braking only for the two, 100 degree right turns. Still on thrust, fly out of the canyon and turn left into the AT-AT factory, keeping against the left-hand wall, until you meet a rampart, get down close to the rampart (it'll protect you from the fire of two laser turrets, an AT-AT and two missile launchers) and follow the it into the back of the factory. [Half-way there, you'll hear that the last scanner is down.]

At a point (which you'll have to learn to recognize), half way along the rear wall of the factory, brake and turn 90 degrees right, finding yourself protected by a factory tower from one of the two missile launchers and by a promontory extension of the rampart from the two laser turrets. The other missile launcher should be in your crosshairs. Take it out and turn left around the factory tower to find the second missile launcher. Take it out. You've been diving while doing this. Continue to do so, veering right to crawl along the flat patch of ground taking out the two laser turrets (leftmost first). Continue to veer right, but climbing now. That factory tower is back in your sight. Hose it, and as your breast the promontory, begin to dive until you are hosing BOTH the tower AND, in a moment, the building behind it. When the towered factory has gone, keep hosing as you bear right until the second building explodes. Then climb left, back up to the rampart.

This sequence CAN be done while retaining a 'blue' shield, but round about now some Ties will begin to wear that down. Destroying the third building, and the AT-ST in it, together with the other (non-lethal) targets lying around is a matter of time and judgement. The back of the AT-ST, and of the AT-AT at the entrance, can be used to up your accuracy. [If you don't take down the AT-ST, it'll shoot you in the back as you exit the factory.] Some of the star troopers on the ground can be taken out, but must cost a lot in accuracy.

Hose the AT-AT's rear, by all means, but leave the factory by the rampart, 'cos it has a wicked grin. At the exit, get onto the ground and bear left and upwards to take out another laser turret. Continue climbing to the right, firing at the transport that is taking off, and behind it, when it explodes, a missile launcher.

Below the missile launcher is the bonus and another killing ground. But don't spend too long there. Between the exit from the AT-AT factory and the missile launcher is the entry to the AT-ST factory. There seems to be no option but to take the AT-ST guarding it full in the face, staying low on the ground to be below the fire of the laser turret behind it, when its turn comes. Try not to get killed by this AT-ST(!), 'cos if you do, you'll be re-incarnated, high in the air, INSIDE the AT-ST factory with laser turrets left and right of you and a missile launcher facing you.

[It seems to me that a cleft in the cliff on the left of the entry to the AT-ST factory is designed to be used a bit like the rampart in the AT-AT factory, but it doesn't seem to work for me.]

Inside the AT-ST factory, take out the missile launcher, stay low to avoid the fire of the second laser turret as you take it out, commit as much mayhem as you dare, taking an occasional shot at the building, and finally lay into the building to destroy it and end the mission. [Don't you wish the game designers had provided an on-screen clock and counters for kills, accuracy and saves? It'd make it easier to decide when to call it a day.]

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You know with tips like these the best thing to do would make a web page

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Or make a good little section on the web page called, "The Players Stratagy"!
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