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10-07-2003, 08:42 PM
Is it posibal to run a deticated server and then start JA agin and join my server ?
you can do it in JO
i have tryed it with JA and when you shearch for servers none come up in internet or local so how do i do it ???????

do i have to have two computer to do it?

and this is sorta off the subject but in JO you know you do like
\amsit or \amtaunt in console and it would do it well dose it do that in JA? when i try somthing in any server it just sayes
unknow cmd amsit or unknow cmd amtaunt

thanks for you help for DARK

10-07-2003, 11:52 PM
\amsit etc were NOT official, but rather user made mods and were never part of JK2 (except as animations stolen from single player or cutscenes to use in MP).

In JA, you can only do emotes during Power Duel or Duel modes when you are playing. They do not (thankfully) make you invincible like they do in some of the stupider admin mods.

To use them type:

bind <key> bow
bind <key2> meditate
bind <key3> gloat
bind <key4> flourish
bind <key5> taunt

(in the console, then hit the appropriate keys to use them).

Note that taunt is the only one that works in all modes. The rest work only in Duel/Power Duel.

To see if your server is up, go into the game and check your "local" filter and hit refresh. If you see your game and can click on server info and see people there, etc then it's working.

However due to bugs in JA, it may not be displaying on everyone's in-game browser list. Apparently All Seeing Eye gets around this, gamespy sometimes does, but the in-game browser doesn't always. That's another reason I post my IP on the forums (in my Sig and in my away message on trillian) so people can add me to their favorites and always see it if they want to.

10-16-2003, 02:32 AM
thanks alot for you help