View Full Version : A offer to all mod makers/level designers.....

10-08-2003, 07:41 PM
i try my best to encourage the mod community the best i can. Thats what makes thwe game soo good is the signle player levels and mods people release.

I offer my specialty to make websites to u level designers. For no charge I'll create and design a website for the purpose to advertise your level/mod etc.

Why Im being so nice? I want to help the mod community and I have no ideas to make a website for so this is a perfect chance to do so. I am not a terrible webdesigner. I dont do php but do html greatly along with graphics and im fimiliar with the java scripts or CGI scripts.

So dont be shy, just email me sithxace13@hotmail.com and we'll talk, my AIM s/n is Sithxace13.