View Full Version : WOW ! An old fave revamped !!! FUN !! ("Ladder" map)

10-11-2003, 02:33 PM
Hi All !
I have been having some great fun playing the old ladder/pit level(not the bespin one) It came with the cool music by prodigy(smack my b**ch up....) The great thing is that its not buggy at all. Since I have had copies of the JO assets.pk3 in my JA base folder, I have never had a texture missing(This also allows you to play most SP maps with your JA character). If you want to do this it is vital you rename the assets files with a 0_ first
ie. 0_assets1.pk3 I think this ensures these are read first?? I dunno, for more info go the JA Mapping forum for a great stuck post by the Indestructible PRIME.....

the scripting is great, no glitches, and picking up the force crystals boosts you up just as it would in JO. The great thing though is this level is amazing for use with the new sabers, particularly the saberstaff. Nothing better than executing a kata when surrounded by 4 reborn and slicing them all too insane bits..

Have a go ! Take some cool screenies for your desktop and have FUN !!!!