View Full Version : looking for a guild on eclipse

10-13-2003, 12:30 AM
Well hello there...........yes you!.......read on :)

Well iv been playing SWG for 10 days now approx.
And i find it amusing although alittle hard sometimes, espacially when meeting tusken's :(
With my no so skilled char i'd like to join a guild/pa/clan or whatever you'd like to call it.

I play on Eclipse, currently stuck on tatooine trying to reach novice smuggler (need about 35k more unarmed xp then 40k more pistols it seems).
My char is called Bullbacca ;) (guess what specie or wtf its called in eng :o ) (sorry if i ever insulted anyone :p )
well anyway, ya get the idea.
Further more it would be nice if it was an European guild of some sort, since im european myself and most prolly moving to eu servers when they come.

Im currently on the move reallife to so i might not be on so much the next few weeks or month since i have to sort out connectivety issues. But when i get that sorted out ill re-post in this thread to notify.

Ok, think ya got the idea now :)
Either pm me or post here with contact info and website if ya have.

Cya later.

Seems the connectivity issues are solved already......./tell ingame then ^^

10-25-2003, 02:06 AM
Hey what's up? I am a former member of the Shadow Knights looking to start my own PA with a few former Shadow Knight members. I am in desperate need for a master Architect out there on Eclipse to help out with the cause. We want to start out small with just a PA Hall, some housing, factories, and so on. Eventually we want to have our own PA City. So what we need is any Master Architects out there that would like to join and help out with building our city. Also anyone out there (artisan/non-artisan alike) are more than welcome to join up and experience all that SWG has to offer. Please email me if interested. You can reach me 24/7 at Ghyslain@twmi.rr.com

Oh! And one more thing! Anyone out there with decent HTML skills that play SWG, we need you too!! I would like to have a website and would be willing to pay for a dotcom address if needed. Otherwise, we can just use the forums here on Stratics to post, because good communication is KEY to a successful PA!