View Full Version : Q3map2 Degenerate Patch Error gtk

10-13-2003, 06:48 PM
This is a little error i ran into today. i dont know if it affects your map or not in the long run, but i generally dont like getting any errors during the compile. anyway, its caused by capping a cone or similar patch. in my instance, i needed a bottom for a cone so i capped it. unfortunatly it also creates a infinately small cap on the small end (top) of the cone. to remove this error, switch your 2d window to the top view and click on one of the error entries in the q3map debug window and your 2d window will center on the patch. zoom in to find it. now select the cone using ctrl-alt to select all the patches in the group. shift-click the patches you want to keep, then hit backspace to delete the degenerate patch. you wont actually see the patch you are deleting, but it is there. that removed my error.