View Full Version : 'Kill Bill' Jedi Academy mod.

10-15-2003, 12:07 AM
I have a dream, that is to make a really sweet mod for Jedi Academy of the new movie 'Kill Bill volume 1' I'd like to put together a team of mod makers who are interested in this. Trust me, a mod of this movie if done correctly could be the sweetest thing ever. So, is anyone interested?

As of right now I don't know how to make Mods, Maps or Models. But I really really want someone to train/teach me. Or even just point me in the right direction. If someone is willing to teach me I promise I will give it my all. I am very familiar with art so that may mean I have potential.

But, we can still start to put together a team. Even if I don't know how to yet. Hopefully I can get some people with experience to help me.

Heres what i'm planing to do.

-Lots of 'Kill Bill' styled, over the top blood. As well as the limbs getting cut off. I already know there's a code for this in the game.

-I'd like to make a map of the level where Uma Therman(sp) fights all the members in black suits.

-Of course katanas instead of sabers

-Of course take out the saber humming sound

-Put in new 'clash' sounds. As well as cool sword ringing swords

-And, make models of some of the characters in that scene.

I know some of these things may be very hard. But hopefully I can get a few experienced mod makers. And I know I will work very hard on this and give it my all. I'm in the process of finding information to learn about moding.

10-15-2003, 07:04 AM
your best bet is to look at some quake3 tutorials theres loads of links to tutorials in the JO mapping forums

10-15-2003, 03:56 PM
Haven't seen the movie, but I have heard it's good. Since I'm got nothing else to do, I guess I could help. I know how to increase saber dismemberment without using codes, it's all in the NPC files. Also, I cannot skin or whatnot, but I do know how to get different models to show up in place of stuff already in the game, and I know how to change text for weapons, items, cutscenes, mission briefings, and a lot of other stuff.

E-mail me at: Dark_Kateria@yahoo.com if you are interested.