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10-17-2003, 03:42 AM
I just purchased the game today installed registered and all that good stuff. When i sign on to multiplayer and it brings up the servers it just sits there and doesnt bring anything up, i tryed pressing the find severs and refreash button and nothin pops up, Im on a DSL connection and i my comp is up to date. could anyne help me with this problem please. im sick of bots :D

Amidala from Chop Shop
10-17-2003, 04:56 AM
Read this. It refers to Jedi Outcast but it still applies to Jedi Academy, except the ports are 29070 to 29081:

Second, there is currently a problem with the ingame server browser. Even when you get it working, it will show you only a fraction of the 500 servers out there. To see all the servers, download The All Seeing Eye http://www.udpsoft.com/eye2/index.html and you will be able to see all of the servers.

10-17-2003, 10:16 PM
Would like to say thank you, i appriciate all your help. I was really looking forward to playing MP and was disapointed when i couldnt get it working, thank you very much and i will try those options right now.

10-24-2003, 03:11 PM
fear not, ther is nothing to worry about, this is because ther is a slight bug, it happens to me even, but only if i make my own server, quit it, then try going online, it wont show me a list, but its like only a 24 hour bug.