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10-17-2003, 12:20 PM
Hola all,

Thought i'll share my collection of easter eggs and trivia with you guys for Halloween.... Many of these don't even qualify as "eggs" but what the hey. :)


Enjoy my humble offrendes mi amigos,
PS: Does anyone know what happens if the lines are done correctly in sequence at the open mic????


E = To Examine an item

P = Pick up an item

[ENTER] = To use an item on sumthing or to interact.


====Thruout the Game=====

Leave Manny to himself for a while at different parts of the game.

====YEAR ONE @Dia de los Muertos=====

Get the cranky clown to twist you up a Robert Frost. Use on them pigeons later.

====YEAR ONE @Land of the Living=====

Get Manny to interact with the Living a couple of times. EXAMINE the table of food and the Milkshake.

====YEAR ONE @Domino's Office=====

At Domino's Office, let Manny have a go at Domino's screensaver password a couple of times.

====YEAR TWO @Manny's Office======

Keep reading the letter Sal has written you.

====YEAR TWO @Stairs leading down to Calavera Cafe=====

Walk to the arm-rest down the stairs.

====YEAR TWO @Calavera Cafe======

Get Glottis to sing you sumthing.

====YEAR TWO @Ledge where Manny fell====

USE the viewfinder.

====YEAR TWO @Bridge linking to Maximino's joint======

(Move right to the screen of Membrillo's morgue)

Walk pass the shelter till Manny notices the statue erected way above. EXAMINE it a couple of times.

====YEAR TWO @Calavera Cafe=====

When Glottis scoots off to the VIP Lounge, let Manny have a go at the piano.


EXAMINE the door before entering.


Speaking to Olivia, Choose:
"I'm a little worried about Lola..."
"Do you think Nick would hurt her?"
"Little dark in here don't you think?"
"You know, i'm thinking of buying this place"
"You can have it. I'm leaving town."
"Johnny Law, baby. You see i'm a grifter. I'm bad news..."

====YEAR TWO @The Docks with Velasco=====

Walk towards the moon. When Manny looks up, EXAMINE the moon.

====YEAR TWO @The Kitty-Litter=====

USE the Can-Opener on the big can. Then EXAMINE it.

====YEAR TWO @The Kitty-Litter=====

When you are above the kitty-litter and Manny looks down, Press "P" for Pick-up.

====YEAR TWO @Backroom of Carla's Security Post=====

When Carla leaves the backroom, EXAMINE the note on the locker.

====YEAR TWO @Toto's Tattoo Parlor=====

Go to the back room near the fridge. By the cabinet is a poster of tattoo designs. EXAMINE it. *Max (from Sam And Max) and the Corley Motors logo (from Full Throttle) are featured as small designs on the poster.

====YEAR THREE @First meeting with Chepito======

Tag along with Chepito.

====YEAR FOUR @the Fountain inside=====

When Chepito leaves, EXAMINE the fountain.

====YEAR FOUR @Back at the Docks=====

When Captain Velasco leaves, EXAMINE the moon again.

====YEAR FOUR @the Room with Celso & wife=====

EXAMINE the bit of floor with Hector's monogram/initials.

====YEAR FOUR @Before the Croc======

EXAMINE the sewerholes a couple of times.

====YEAR FOUR @Bowsley's=====

Keep talking to Bowsley.


11-13-2003, 02:59 AM
PICKUP the Moon.

Manny says: "I don't have the equipment for that."

It just seemed odd...

In year 2 and 4, USE the phone in Toto's Scrimshaw Parlor.

11-15-2003, 08:03 PM
When I started to read the thread..my first idea after that

--------------------------------------- Press:
E = To Examine an item
P = Pick up an item
[ENTER] = To use an item on sumthing or to interact. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"Heh? Somethin happen if I press first e then p and then enter?? "

Nice list ;)

11-29-2003, 02:24 PM
Thanks! ;)

Any other contributions???? Im looking to expand the list for everyone and hopefully sumone would host it on his/her site eternally(!) for future GF converts.... :D