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10-18-2003, 07:31 AM
Originally posted by Tabacco at the Adventure Gamer forums (http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=514), here is the list of weapons going in Armed & Dangerous. This list gets me excited:

Flemming Machinegun
Invented by the tea baron Hieronymus Flemming for the protection of his crops, the Flemmings Machinegun carries a standard clip size of 100 shots and fires at a rate of 50bps. Meant for clearing crowds of rabbits and other tea predators, this old standby is used to this day by farmers, thugs, and gun enthusiasts alike.

Hawkings Rifle
A marskman's gun, the Hawkings Rifle (first rolled into production 150 years ago by Hawkings Freeloader Inc.) is trusty, accurate, and slow.

Cyclops Sniper Rifle
With a range of "very far away," the Cyclops Sniper Rifle is immediately recognizeable for its glowing red sight. Unlike more useful, laser-guided sniper rifles, the Cyclops sight just glows red, rendering it effectively useless for actual snipers as it gives away their position.

Gurner Personal Mortar
Nicknamed "Old Bessy" by its designer, the Gurner Personal Mortar looks like a tuba but packs a punch like an angry, drunken sailor. Firing an arching projectile at its target, the Gurner's single-shot mortar shells explode with the force of 14,000 CsU's. Unlike less efficient mortars, there's no setup time -- just point and fire.

Vindaloo Rocket Launcher
This spicy little rocket launcher comes in two models -- two rocket and four. Energy inefficient, loud, and fantastically dangerous, the Vindaloo is the first choice of today's rebel on the go.

Land Shark Gun
First invented to clean out the Onion Mines of Midden, the Land Shark Gun releases a baby land shark. Using an advanced system of hormone treatments and cattle prods, the gun's mechanics cause the shark to grow to its full size in seconds and home in on its intended target. Once under its target, the shark bursts from the ground and swallows him whole. Useful and great at parties, the Land Shark Gun was voted last year's "Gun of the Year" by the Forge City Gazette.

Sticky Bombs
A brand new invention, the Sticky Bomb is the brainchild of King Forge's weapons labs. A spinning disk, when the sticky comes into contact with its target, it releases small spikes, enabling it to "stick." After its fuse runs out... BOOM!

Guy Fawkes Traitor Bomb
A crowd control device created by King Forge's labs to disperse protesters, the Guy Fawkes Traitor bomb is named after the famous traitor, Guy Fawkes. Temporarily hypnotizing its targets into thinking friends are actually enemies, the G.F.T. would make a traitor out of your own grandmother!

Topsy Turvy Bomb
Early experiments in Anti-Gravity Cars failed miserably: the car went flying off the ground and off into space. While most considered this failure a disaster, the cruel minds at Forge Labs took these lemons and made lemonade -- lemonade of destruction! A simple anti-gravity corkscrew, the Topsy Turvy is easy to use: just drill it into the ground, activate it to turn the world upside-down (and send your enemies flying down...or up...into space) then deactivate the bomb to send them hurtling back to earth.

World's Smallest Black Hole
The newest product from Forge Labs promises "the world's first Black Hole in a cardboard box!" And that's exactly what it is. Simply remove it from its box and run like hell -- it will do the rest of the work.

Knock-Out Bomb
At Forge Labs, the slogan is "Putting the 'Fun' Back In 'Systematic Beatings'!" The Knockout Bomb is an early product of this creed. Using technology similar to the Topsy Turvy Bomb, the Knockout sends its targets hurtling toward the user, who then uses his Knockout Glove to knock them into next week. Portable, mean-spirited, and deadly, the Knockout Bomb is everything you want in a weapon.

10-18-2003, 01:05 PM
Now that's great stuff. "Useful and great at parties," is pure class. ;

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...I think I've soiled myself.