View Full Version : People are playing unfairly online (continued, why do admins diss a good thing?)

10-21-2003, 01:57 AM
LOL, what ever, by the way, Chop Shop has stupid admin stuff on it too, I forget who said it but I was made to sleep once for "laming".

I think there is only two reasons why ppl make servers:
1. To make a game and a server that they want and have a lot more fun than if it was someone elses or
2. So they can use something like Jedi Academy 1.4 and CONTROL everything and anything that everyone does (example, like if you kill me I'll grip you and decide when I calmn down and you can go)
this kinda ruins the game FOR OTHER PPL

And that's it, all I want to say is laming is also a part of the game, telling on someone is also part of it, live with it, but don't tolerate too much, play the game you want to and if someone pissed the **** out of you on another server go to a diff. one (DUH)

Samuel Dravis
10-21-2003, 03:03 AM
The other day I was playing SamFisher (my brother). We were by ourselves, so I just decided to be a "lamer", and just use primary attack (w/two sabers). No jumping, strafing, moving any direction except forward toward the enemy. Killed him, someone else joined, killed him too, in the same way.. It was quite funny to see them try to run backwards. :) Someone else should try this method of saber fighting. If your opponent knows how to use single saber/strong style though, you will die. That's what got me in the end.:(