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10-21-2003, 08:39 PM
Has anyone touched this topic at all? Well, fine. I'll start something simple, a story, set in 30 A.B.Y. Here it is:

Kei's Story

Kei No Amola—better known by her friends as, to her dismay, Knee—trumped through the indigo leaves of her home planet Hees, the wind whistling through the tall bush-like trees that towered high above her head, from which the strange colored leaves sprouted. The sun shone gaily on her dark bronze hair. She hummed a little tune, even.
Suddenly, her instinct told her some one was coming. She froze. Sure enough, a lady and two young men came out of the brush, each wearing indigo outfits, as to camouflage into the forest.
“Greetings, young one.” The woman said warmly, though there was something about her that wasn’t so warm, it seemed.
“Uh…” Kei tried to find the words. She did have a feeling the woman could sense her fear, and stood her ground with out thinking a thought of what might happen next.
“Do not fear, child. I am Mvret Y’amm, holy leader of the Dresalian tribe. Granted the position by the Great one himself.” The woman said, quietly, but strongly enough that it seemed to carry all over the hills and plains of Hees. “And these are my slaves, Moi Vett and his brother, Crod. Now, tell me who are you?”
Kei didn’t answer the question. Instead, she asked, “So you’re from Dathomir?”
“No,” Mvret shook her head. “Dresal, actually, as I said before. Some of our cultural habits are very similar.”
“Okay, interesting.” Kei nodded.
“Now, who are you, wise one?”
“Yes. We sense you have great mental powers.”
“You mean like the Jedi?” Now Kei was anxious.
“Slightly, but we feel that they are better to be put to use by us, rather than the Jedi Order.” Mvret replied, sounding as if her organization on Dresal was superior to the famed Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order. Kei didn’t like that. She had met his own niece, Jaina a few months ago.
“Now, tell me, who are you?” Mvret continued to try and prod the information out of her.
Finally, Kei gave in. “Kei No Amola. I’m fourteen and I’ve lived here all my life.” She explained.
“My, my, how boring your life must be, not moving anywhere, not doing anything great not…”
“Stop!” Kei shrieked. “I like my life.”
Mvret looked taken aback. “Well, what I’m trying to say is, just think of all the adventure you could be having right now if you went with us.”
“I’ve been off the planet.” Kei said.
“Well, isn’t that…”
“But I like it here.” Kei added. “There’s lots of adventure here.”
“Not big adventure.” Crod raised his brows.
“Would you let me do the talking?” Mvret spat. “Your flirtatious ways don’t help a bit.” She turned back to Kei. “Now, you see, on Dresal, we use our special powers to over come evil, we have action-filled battles, we…”
“Sounds interesting enough,” Kei interrupted again.
“And you’re stubborn enough!” Scoffed Mvret. “But,” she added, changing her tone. “You won’t regret it.”
“Regret?” Kei asked suspiciously. “You’re making it sound like you’re trying to sell a product.”
“In other words,”-Moi spoke finally-“you will love it.”
“Love is not a word we use in our tribe but, yes, you will enjoy it.” Mvret said. “It’s now or never, we’ll only be here through midnight.”
“Can I go ask my family first?” Kei asked.
“No.” Mvret glared. “Jugging by the length of time you’ve been here, they’ll most likely never move. You can come back when you’re done with your training.”
“Like a Jedi.” Kei stated more than asked.
“Slightly.” Mvret nodded. “But in some ways, better.”
Better than a Jedi? Kei thought. Interesting.
“Yes, very interesting.” Mvret seemed to read her thoughts.
Kei quickly realized what Mvret was doing and reacted, “Get out of my brain!”
“Fine, if that’s what you wish.” Mvret said with a sigh.
“Well, Lady Y’amm, are we leaving?” Moi inquired.
“Oh, yes, right away.” Mvret turned. “Come along, Kei.”
“Clothes and other vital cleaning items…?” Kei asked as if she were spoiled.
“You will be presented with a new wardrobe authentic to our tribe, as well as your other ‘vital cleaning items’.”
“Very well, then.” Kei nodded.
With out warning, Kei was swept up by Crod.
“Why you dang fool!” Mvret snapped. “Put her down right this instant!”
“Yes, Lady Y’amm.” Crod gently set the startled teen down.

Okay, maybe it is a bit weird, but SOMEone had to do SOMEthing to this part of the forum. Good day.


10-27-2003, 03:53 PM
It doesn't sound like a finished story... are you going to continue?