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10-24-2003, 04:02 PM
Hey peeps,
I'm assembling a spare macheen :p to use as a dedicated JA FFA server. I've read all the posts in here that detail the various settings in server.cfg. I downloaded just about every MP FFA map from Lucasfiles, and I'd like to list those in the cfg to loop through them, too. What do I put in the "map" section to load those too? Some of the .pk3 files, like the Matrix Reloaded pak, has multiple maps within it. How do I handle this?

Thanks for all the help, look for The Bada Bing Club shortly, I have wicked fast cable and the macheen is a 2.3 ghz Athlon with lots of ram, should be nice n fast.


VinnySem aka Darth Diesel

p.s. Also, how to you put a multi-line motd in cfg? Thx.

Amidala from Chop Shop
10-24-2003, 05:59 PM
If you are running only FFA (g_gametype "0") and want the server to cycle through all of the FFA maps, just add the maps you want to use in the server's base folder, then in the config file:

seta g_gametype "0"
seta g_automapcycle "1"
map mp/ffa1 //or whatever map you want to start with

The server will detect which maps support the FFA gametype and will cycle through them.

The problem with custom maps, though, is if it cycles to a map that no one has, it will kick out all of the players who don't have it (usually all of the players), then the cycle will stop when the timelimit is hit. Then the server will sit there until someone who has that map happens to join your server so they can click "READY" and the cycle can continue. That may take hours, days, or longer. Of course, if that player doesn't have the next map in the cycle, she will get kicked out too, and the problem will repeat.

I have tried a hundred times to use 3rd-party maps on my servers and it is very difficult for a public server. It would be easier with a clan server. I would never put non-standard maps in the rotation for the reasons described above.

There isn't really any room on the loading screen for more than 1 line of MOTD. Mods in JKII:JO like Jedi Academy Mod 1.4 allowed muti-line MOTDs that showed after the loading screen as the player joined the battle. There will be probably something similar for JK:JA.

10-24-2003, 08:18 PM
Thanks for all your help!

As far as the MoTD, how about carriage returns in the string?