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10-25-2003, 04:36 PM
I am making a Yavin Castle, and I have run into a problem. My skies are pictures, both in editor and in game. Two of them don't show up in the game, and I get the "void" effect. How do I get them to the normal "sky" texture in the editor and normal in the game? Also, I am trying to convert maps I have downloaded for JKII into JA. But there are textures missing. How do I know which ones I need to get without being able to open them in Gtk? This is because I don't have the .bak or .map files. Leslie Judge, can you help?


10-26-2003, 06:24 PM
Don't select the images from the skies directory that are images... those are the base images the sky shaders compile to make the skybox itself.

Since being set on Yavin, try the textures/skies/yavin sky.

Hmm... that was sort of vague... I mean, select the small little boxes that say SKY, those textures will draw a skybox correctly.