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Shakey Mac
10-26-2003, 09:53 PM
how about removing the ability for a saberstaff or dual saber user to attack endlessly? after all, one of the bonuses of blue stance (with a single saber) is its ability to be chained indefinetely. you trade power and range for speed and a chance at hitting more often.

but with dual sabers, or saberstaff, people arent constrained by attack limits. red style can only be swung a max of 3 times, and yellow style can only be swung 5-6 times. however the staff and dual sabers can be swung any unlimited amount of timies, which often leads to people just swinging randomly (which, to me, doesnt really look star warsy....never once did i see two jedi fight where one of them was waving his lightsaber back and forth like an idiot on crack).

would adding an attack limit to dual saber and saberstaff be a good thing? or would that detract from playing with those sabers?

my feeling is that too many people hold down the attack button and just strafe left-to-right or diagonally to the side while using dual sabers or saberstaff. i think some kind of limit to the number of chained attacks would be a good thing (something like 5-6 for dual, and 4-5 for staff), as it would be more rewarding to people who thought a bit before they attacked, in addition to severely limiting spammers ability to actually compete. plus i think it would add to the "star wars" feel of the game, but thats just my opinion. i was wondering what other peoples thoughts on this were.

so, should dual sabers and saberstaff have an attack limit or not?

p.s. try to include valid reasons why they should or should not have a limit on the # of attacks. avoid circular reasoning (i.e. - a limit on attacks would be bad because it limits the number of attacks you can do) and any other kinds of logical fallacies such as personal attacks or dodging the question.

10-27-2003, 01:12 AM
I have never thought of it until now, so i guess yeah you're right, i agree. The staff should be because, i mean, com'onif it just doesnt look right for somthing that big to be moving all the time, i think it should be alble chain in between the red and yellow stance. Now the dual sabers, you could imagin in real life somone just swinging those around, because i mean geez you have two, what else are you going to do ;) . Any ways to answer your guestion, staff yes, dual not sure.

Luc Solar
10-27-2003, 04:38 AM
Limiting attacks = nerf

Nerf = bad

therefore: Limiting attacks = bad.


No but seriously - taking stuff out and or making it less useful is not the way to go. I want MORE options, MORE damage MORE counters.

In other words; why not un-nerf the 3 swing limit on red stance? Let us chain attacks in all stances/styles!

Shakey Mac
10-27-2003, 05:32 AM
lol @ luc...

good way to get around the circular reasoning :p

anyway, i bring this up partly because ive seen a LOT of people in the past few days that just spam attacks using dual sabers and staves. i can beat em (usually) but when i get the odd saberist that just strafes back and forth while edging closer to you....well, it gets annoying.

but yeah, i guess removing the cap on medium and strong styles would be an interesting way to go. hadnt thought of that :cool:

10-27-2003, 01:22 PM
As I don't play with staff or dual sabers I can't say how I truely feel about this cause I've only been on one side of the debate.

However, being as the saber staff was based on Darth Maul's fighting style (come on if not for maul the staff would not have kicks) and maul did not really chain attacks, and for the breif parts he did well thats a katta =P, his strikes where a lot more calculated than most of the button mashers strikes out there. He choose where the attack would go (like red style, attack and a direction) and thats the way I wanted staff to be. It's not though so I don't use it.

Now for dual, I use them one in every 200 games for role playing, thus I have not validly used them in an FFA, thus my opinions on them are also on one side of the debate. I believe that dual sabers is a finess techince....not a power techince, however again the game does not capture this. Light calculated stroke are possible, however most people choose to run at people swinging, and thus pray to god that their enemy falls.

It's hard to say weather or not this is how the devs intended this game to be played......

My Thoughts,

10-27-2003, 01:39 PM
Why don't we just leave them as they are.

Players can be just as effective with any of the stances. If players want to button mash, let them button mash. It is just more kills for the rest of us. :)

Shakey Mac
10-28-2003, 12:30 AM
very true prime. i still get tired of having to sit back and wait for a spammer to make some stupid mistake before i kill him. you dont know how many ive had to kick into that damned hole on the generator duel map, just to teach em a lesson....

but then again, thats just me....i consider beating spammers to be akin to raking leaves; doesnt require much thought, but its not very fun.