View Full Version : something's screwy in poon ville

09-29-2001, 11:02 PM
everytime i start up the demo the game runs normaly until i enter the game game. then everythin starts screwing up. at first when i move the screen, everything drags with leaving an ugly mess on my screen. then when i press alt- tab it goes back to almost normal. now everytime i click on a building or man little black boxes pop up on the screen that disappear when i run my mouse over them. plus the interface is screwed up. they minimap is gone and it's all pink with no pictures except the options buttons.

it says everything should run fine. my firend has the demo too and it runs fine on his computer. i ran the checker to see if it'll run on my computer and it said it would.

heres my stats

voodoo 3 2000
my sound card can run directx
64 ram
it should work fine but it doesn't could somebody help me?