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10-28-2003, 01:41 PM
When is the patch going to be released to fix the master server list bug????

For crying out loud most people do not want to shell out money for a game and then have to shell out more for a 3rd party program to see frig'n servers!

What is going on here? Finally got some word on Raven's forums that the hold up is on LUCAS's part??????

Are you guys TRYING to kill this game? Because if you are you have successfully done it!

For pete's sack please allow Raven to release a patch just to fix the server list ASAP.

I'd hate to see a popular game not be so popular.

Hey Kurgen you probably remember me?? I was the one bitch'n about the patch that filtered servers in JK2 when they woudl relist 1.04 servers as 1.00 or something? Then people couldnt see the servers. At least that had a work around. Rember? All you had to do was turn the server off for 30 minutes and the master server would drop the server and then when it got released it would show up again as a 1.04 server. Anyways, that bug is in noway in the same ball park as this one.

WTH is going on here? Anyone care about this game at all? Why are you so complaincent to try to get users to use bannerred free software or force a person to spend even more money on another browser when this is supposed to be built into the game!!!!


WHEN? WHEN? I fear this is now too late as I have noticed a significant drop off in usage of the game and obviously a bunch of servers have dropped off because noone really wants to host a game that is not being listed in the damn in-game browser!

The participation in JA competition ladders on the internet are about 20% of what JK2 was when it was released. In fact the competition right now is exactly as it was when JK2 competition started to compeletely dry up. I would think that this bug is a large part of why this game is so much less popular than JK2. (even though this version is about 200% better than jk2).


10-28-2003, 07:32 PM
Nobody knows but LA and Raven, and Raven isn't allowed to tell us and LA isn't talking.

I predict sometime around the release of the Xbox version (next month).

Didn't the JK2 patch take 3 months to come out? I know the master server list bug sucks, but people are SOOOO impatient.

Of course we care about the game... but the thing is there's already about 500 threads discussing this same exact thing. Notice the full version bugs sticky in the JA forum?

All we can do for now is encourage people to use Qtracker and ASE and post our IP on JK3servers.com and advertise.

Until the patch that is...

And I don't know what you're talking about with a "dropoff in servers." If anything I see both more players AND more servers now than a few days ago.

Last night was the biggest night ever for my server. Most the better part of the day and night I had a solid 7-8 players in Siege (no bots, obviously) and they seemed to be having a great time.

I'm guessing it was so busy because my server happened to display on the browser (but I didn't have a chance to ask).

And finally I have checked ASE and there are more players AND more servers for JA than there are for JK2, so again, I think you're wrong there.

PS: You can add these lines to your server cfg file, which may help a little:

seta sv_master1 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"
seta sv_master2 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"
seta sv_master3 ""
seta sv_master4 ""
seta sv_master5 "clanservers.net"
seta sv_master6 "master0.gamespy.com"

10-29-2003, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the server.cfg info I will add that!

My beef is that this is not a gameplay exploit or a map exploit or something that is minor. This is about the worst thing you can do to a server admin. I expected this to be addressed as quickly as they address the 1.01 patch for linux! I take it though they didn't want to address that quickly because its a clientside problem and not just a serverside one. Hell the server side problem with the master list for jk2 wasn't fixed for a LONG LONG LONG time but luckily us server admins had a solution for it and we could fix it ourselves when it got unlisted. This is why we didn't bitch about it much. This new error however is just totally unacceptable. Its a fatal flaw in MP. It is causing problems and yes.. if you where in the competition community you would clearly see that there are less people playing this game than when JK2 first started. (I was not comparing them at the present state. Yes there are more JA players than JK2 at this moment). I just meant that this game is not nearly as popular as JK2 was.

I would think that this problem would have been so critical that they could have just made a 1.01 patch just to fix this one problem and not touch gameplay at all. But obviously by now they might as well just tie it in with that first gameplay patch that I know they are going to nurf some stuff.

Anyways.. I think that going over a month with such a critical error in MP tells the community who hosts these servers that LA and Raven do not really care about this community and only care about the sales they are making off of people who just want to play SP.

My other beef is that it appears that the whole problem has steamed from LA wanting Raven to put in some filtering to filter out warez servers which any level of programmer could have told them that its pointless to do so as the new warez servers are going to be based on the retail version and not the pregold one.

I am willing to bet that the people who are in charge of all this have no clue as to how to secure and application and the programmers who built this crap (refereing to the filter thing) did not do a good job telling their supervisers that this was all pointless.

Anyways.. I am a vent'n foo.. so just ignore me.. LOL

11-01-2003, 05:30 PM
I think the blame can be put squarely at LA's door for this one (given what facts I know, which I admit it not everything but by all indications...).

If LA had gone with a Q3 style keyserver system (they only allowed a copy protection scheme for Raven this time) that would have been a better idea than server filtering (heck, it would have done the work FOR them). They also are the ones holding up an official patch.

I hope for the community's sake they release a patch that at least fixes the server browser problem soon. But my guess is that we won't see a patch until after the Xbox version comes out.

Remember it took 3 months for the first JK2 patch, and plenty of people hated it (of course it had loads of gameplay changes in it too, so hopefully we'll just get bug fixes and optional features added this time, not gameplay changes).