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Jedi Anonymous
11-06-2003, 01:29 AM
Hey! its me again Jedi Anonymous, the guy who last wrote two weeks ago.Just to let you know, you won't be hearing from me often because I'm only able to get on the computer once a week:(,and I spent the last two weeks playing JO :D . OK down to buisness. I'm making a request for a Valley of the Jedi MP level for JA(and mabey for JO for those of us who don't have JA :( ).I'm suprisedthat there hasn't been one already seeing as the Valley of the Jedi is suposed to be the ultimite jedi battle ground! so I was wondering if some sensible person would be interested in doing a remake of level for multiplaying. This is not something you would want do half heartedly. The Valley of the Jedi has to have the atmosphere to it (and fighting to boringsilence dosn't fit) .So lets getit done proper, got it :mad: . Well thats enough of my demands gotta go now :p .