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11-10-2003, 12:16 PM
Haha, found this story off mine on a discette. Might as well start posting it here.
I was 11-12 years when I wrote it, so don't be so mean in your critics. :p
((((((Based on Tribes 2, a online game))))

The Lost Ones

I look around in the dark, small room. The only furniture is two chairs and a table. On the table is my computer, who is recording every sound that’s made in the room. A door slowly opens and a man enters. He is dressed in casual clothes, and he sits down on the other chair, opposite me.
“So…You want to know”, he says slowly, “what happened during The Mission?”
I nod nervously.
He smirks and starts to tell me:

“This day’s, I laugh at the commercial, then one where you saw platoons of Star-Wolf soldiers in lines, all in shiny new blue armor. And that voice: “Star-Wolf needs you! You can change the outcome of the war!”
Of course, most people didn’t believe in that kind off crap, but since my life was about being a soldier, I signed up. Most people who signed up was sent home, especially the ones of the Old Race. The rest off us was tested in many ways and then sent off us.

I hated Ymir the moment I laid my eyes on it. It was the coldest planet I knew off back then. The shuttle let all “newbloods” off and informed us that it was about 30 miles to Ymirbase 5, the base where our training would take place. They had a blinking light on top of the base, wich you could barely see through the constant snowstorms. Some people refused and sent of their emergency rockets right away, a sign that they had given up. The rest off us started to walk towards the base. Many people fell to the ground and with their last strength, tried to reach their emergency rocket. Thirty people off ninety reached the base, fourteen was never found.
I want to spare you all the details about the training on Ymir, but I can tell you that after a couple of months, there wasn’t many newbloods left…

11-12-2003, 10:50 PM
Good story. I like it. I like it alot! :cool:

11-13-2003, 06:23 AM
Thanks. Gone translate some more of it later today.

11-13-2003, 04:44 PM
After a long march, I went to take a shower before the evening training pass. On the way, a high ranked officer stopped me. He showed me into a small room and locked the door behind him.
“What is it sir?” I asked him
“You have heard about Lone Wolf I presume?”
“Yes sir, who haven’t? He was the greatest Star-Wolf who ever lived. But he disappeared during a mission on Litret.”
“That’s right, but now, we have find a track off him.”
“What kind off track sir?”
“That…. Is not of your business.. The reason why I’m talking to you about this is because we are putting together a team, wich will go and find Lone Wolf.”
“To Litret sir? But that place is a warzone! Inferno and Storm are battling all over the planet!”
“Not all off the planet is under attack. You will land behind Infernos battle line, they will only look forward, towards Storm, while you go in the back way.”
“Im a soldier, and my road goes to the battle” I slowly said.
Those words sounded extremely stupid on the common language, but on Atryx official language, the sentence had a beautiful “aura” over it…
It was Lone Wolf who had uttered it first and since then, it had been a classic.
“There will be seventeen of you. The group info is on your table. Dismiss!”
He was right about the group info, I found it on my table.

Missions primary target: To find the warrior Lone Wolf and gather intelligence from him.
Missions secondary target: Destroy enemy equipment on Litret

The Group:
Scarfighter. Leader
Atryx Pride.Tower
Cat. (Female). Spy
Skeletonlooker. Deployer
Shrikedestroyer. (Female). Pilot
Moonlight. Pilot
Eagle. Pilot
Fricker. Pilot
Bullseye. Sniper
Targeter. (Female). Sniper
Starwarrior. Soldier
Rich. Soldier
Warpspeeder. Soldier
Big man. Soldier
Stonefeelings. Soldier

1 Havoc
1 Egg
2 Shrike’s

I recognized some of the names, they were the best in their respective classes. I was proud to be part of this elite-team, because of the fact that I still was treated like a newblood.