View Full Version : Yet another favourite Jedi thread...

11-10-2003, 05:35 PM
... but I'm not asking you for a favourite Jedi in the Star Wars series, but rather, your favourite Jedi student in JA.

Firstly, load a map of the academy in JA where they have a shot of all the students listening to Luke . The maps should be named like 'academyX', where 'X' is a number from 1-6.

For me, I especially like the one who said "Drain the Force? How can anyone do that?" and "But how, if they've already hit every place in your journal?" (Ok... he isn't really a unique character, since there were hordes of him in JK2, but he looks SLIGHTLY different. See if you can find that slight difference.).

But this time, notice that this particular Jedi has no duplicate now, even though there were duplicates of 'jedimasters' and 'jeditrainers' in the academy cutscenes?

Most hated Jedi in those scenes? No surprise who... ;)