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Palarious Finx
11-10-2003, 10:19 PM
For everyone interested in a Role Playing Order, Jedi of the Old Code is looking for recruits.

We are built on a structure like that of the Old Republic, with a rank structure that consists of Masters, Knights, Padawans, Initiates, and Candidates.

JOC is an order that places heavy emphasis on Role Playing and having fun. We are a very active Order, and we hold events as often as we can. Some examples are training sessions, scheduled RPs, inter-tournaments, and tournaments with other Orders and clans.

There is so much information; you should check it out on your own. Our site is http://jediofoldcode.com/

11-10-2003, 10:45 PM
Checked out your forums, and both the group and RP idea looks intriguing. However, the ranking system is a little difficult to swallow... no disrespect intended, but I don't think I could get used to being called an Initiate or Padawan by someone probably half my age. The "no staff" rule for anyone below Padawan also rules me out, since that's what I enjoy... and Sight/Sense isn't listed as one of the "real SW environment" force power option, which is a bummer since it's definitely my favorite one.

So besides the somewhat "subservient control freaks" rules system, it sounds like the idea for a good RP group could be a lof of fun. Too bad the rules are so tight.

Maybe this should be moved to the Clans forum...

11-10-2003, 10:54 PM
It's a good idea and the rankings seem pretty good, but the whole Yuzzhan Vong thing is a big turn-off for me, as I like to believe the NJO series simply never happened. To me, it tarnishes the name of Star Wars and turns it into just more pulp sci-fi rubbish. However, I am well aware of its popularity with some of the fans, and if you like it, that's fine with me.

That, and I already belong to a clan.

As Akshara said, this may be better in the Clans forum.