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11-11-2003, 12:17 AM
I'm kidding about the radical part, or maybe this IS a radically new idea...

Ok, there are a lot of cool maps out there, for both Outcast and Academy. We've been to almost every location in the Star Wars universe, we've had Matrix maps, LOTR maps, castles, space stations, mining facilities, even some weird barnyard map. But I have yet to see maps that we, the people out here in the real world, can relate to. Personally, I am getting bored of all these exotic, larger than life maps. And I think maps set in real world would be a very interesting turn/change. Wouldn't it be cool to fight on world landmarks like a full scale Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China?

Other Ideas:
The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)
The Golden Gate Bridge
On a skyscraper in Manhattan
A whole city block
YOUR local high school (I think my high school would make a pretty interesting map)
An urban street
Your own home (maybe)
St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow (joking, or not)


11-11-2003, 12:29 AM
Decent ideas, but this should be in the editing requests forum.

Lil Killa
11-11-2003, 01:16 AM
I'm making a cathedral/castel thing... Kind of old and grimy looking :D

11-11-2003, 02:25 AM
Whoa. I didn't see that forum down there. I'll post it again in there. But would that be considered spamming or should I just wait for a moderator to move this?

Lil Killa
11-11-2003, 02:27 AM
Originally posted by woodenstool
Whoa. I didn't see that forum down there. I'll post it again in there. But would that be considered spamming or should I just wait for a moderator to move this?

I would just wait but you should pm an active mod and get them to move it...

11-11-2003, 05:10 AM
Well, I've sort of, on the side, started a level based around Lyra and Will's bench...I'm not sure if my fellow Sraffies would approve of my releasing it though... ;)

11-11-2003, 08:48 AM
I did a city block. But it was my first map and not as grand as I would have like it to have been. I think it's still at PCgamemods.com. Modern City Street I believe it's called.

11-11-2003, 09:10 AM
Egypt...that's one for me I think, I'll use it in a Stargate level so it'll be a real place set in a sci-fi world :p - I need my sci-fi dosage!

11-11-2003, 11:27 AM
My HS would be a good one... its fairly small (2 floors, square, with a courtyard in the center), and would be good for CTF or FFA.
But come see me if you want the elevator key to the pool on the roof. :)

11-11-2003, 05:35 PM
I think I have seen a map that was a medievil castle for JO... sorry I dont remember the name, I just remember they used a kejim desert2 skybox

11-11-2003, 10:40 PM
Well, a map isn't much use if nobody knows or uses it.

11-11-2003, 11:38 PM
Hey woodenstool,

Here's the first map I ever did. http://www.pcgamemods.com/1768/
I wish great map-making people would try to do things like this, because they'd probably be better at it. I've gotten better, but I'd be bored since I've tried already. Try it out. I did a Matrix version of it too. Took me a while, because I had to learn about bot routing half way in.

11-12-2003, 10:56 PM
That is amazing. Yes, people should do more maps like this. These kind of "real world" maps, i think, will be a fresh restart to the world of jk editing and mods and make online gaming more interesting,