View Full Version : Twin Sun Alliance [TEMPEST]

midori matrix
11-11-2003, 05:14 PM
PA Name: Twin Sun Alliance
PA Abbreviation: <TSA>
PA Mission Statement: We are a strong guild of "helpers" dedicated to assisting all players in whatever way possible with the hopes of improving the gaming experience of those around us.
# of members: 60+ Including second accounts
Location: 2500m from bestine [Player City when patch goes live]
Accepting new members: Very Selective. Contact Midori or Alytheia for more information.
Requirments: That you are a respectful, helpful, team player! And will participate in guild events, activites, and hunts (combat/medic class). We look for the best people but not the best skills and professions. We accept masters as well as novice and all inbetween. We do NOT require you have any faction because we are both imperial and rebel. We have a good number of roleplayers as well and do have a great time. To be accepted you will have to meet with either Midori or Alytheia and meet with a few current members for the guild to make their choice.