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11-13-2003, 12:05 AM
I know how to record demos, but when I turn on g_synchronousclients, my movements are erratic and I can hardly control any movement in the game. Is there any way to bypass the g_synchronousclients or use it without such weird results?

11-13-2003, 12:38 AM
~originally posted by FK|Unnamed at unkown location~

is this what you used?

bind F5 "vstr startswitch"
bind F6 "vstr stopswitch"

set startswitch "g_synchronousClients 1;vstr rec_demo;g_synchronousClients 0"
set stopswitch "stoprecord;vstr nxt_demo;echo Stopped demo;echo Current demo;rec_demo"

// Cycles 1-20
set demo_01 "set rec_demo record demo01; set prv_demo vstr demo_20; set nxt_demo vstr demo_02"
set demo_02 "set rec_demo record demo02; set prv_demo vstr demo_01; set nxt_demo vstr demo_03"
set demo_03 "set rec_demo record demo03; set prv_demo vstr demo_02; set nxt_demo vstr demo_04"
set demo_04 "set rec_demo record demo04; set prv_demo vstr demo_03; set nxt_demo vstr demo_05"
set demo_05 "set rec_demo record demo05; set prv_demo vstr demo_04; set nxt_demo vstr demo_06"
set demo_06 "set rec_demo record demo06; set prv_demo vstr demo_05; set nxt_demo vstr demo_07"
set demo_07 "set rec_demo record demo07; set prv_demo vstr demo_06; set nxt_demo vstr demo_08"
set demo_08 "set rec_demo record demo08; set prv_demo vstr demo_07; set nxt_demo vstr demo_09"
set demo_09 "set rec_demo record demo09; set prv_demo vstr demo_08; set nxt_demo vstr demo_10"
set demo_10 "set rec_demo record demo10; set prv_demo vstr demo_09; set nxt_demo vstr demo_11"
set demo_11 "set rec_demo record demo11; set prv_demo vstr demo_10; set nxt_demo vstr demo_12"
set demo_12 "set rec_demo record demo12; set prv_demo vstr demo_11; set nxt_demo vstr demo_13"
set demo_13 "set rec_demo record demo13; set prv_demo vstr demo_12; set nxt_demo vstr demo_14"
set demo_14 "set rec_demo record demo14; set prv_demo vstr demo_13; set nxt_demo vstr demo_15"
set demo_15 "set rec_demo record demo15; set prv_demo vstr demo_14; set nxt_demo vstr demo_16"
set demo_16 "set rec_demo record demo16; set prv_demo vstr demo_15; set nxt_demo vstr demo_17"
set demo_17 "set rec_demo record demo17; set prv_demo vstr demo_16; set nxt_demo vstr demo_18"
set demo_18 "set rec_demo record demo18; set prv_demo vstr demo_17; set nxt_demo vstr demo_19"
set demo_19 "set rec_demo record demo19; set prv_demo vstr demo_18; set nxt_demo vstr demo_20"
set demo_20 "set rec_demo record demo20; set prv_demo vstr demo_19; set nxt_demo vstr demo_01"

// set Assignments
set rec_demo record demo01
set prv_demo vstr demo_20
set nxt_demo vstr demo_02

11-13-2003, 12:39 AM
Don't really know much about demoing, sorry thats the best I could do :( .


11-13-2003, 02:38 AM
The reason your game is choppy while recording demos is cause you have to turn g_synchronousclients back to 0 after you begin recording. That script that can be seen above will work well to automatically start recording and can record up to 20 different demo files. Hit f5 to start recording on the currently selected demo; press f6 to cycle through current demo and/or stop recording.

To use this script, open up notepad, copy and paste the text under the first // and then save it as demo.cfg. Place the demo in your gamedata/base folder. Now while in game do bind f4 exec demo.cfg (replace f4 with a different key if you want), then just press f4 to setup the script, and f5 and f6 will be activated while in game.

11-25-2003, 04:34 PM
Thanks for the info! I'll try it! :thumbsup: