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Orca Wail
11-16-2003, 03:25 PM
I was going thru my fossil records (old drawings of mine) and came across a binder of really, REALLY old stories. We're talking five or six years old.
I found the most thrilling thing EVER!

I wrote...a book about DOTT!(*GASP!*)

Certainly, no one gives a flying funikcm, but i thought it might get some laughs...
Too bad you can't see the pictures. Christ..

TITLE PAGE: Can a tentacle be a Friend with an orange Iguadon name BoLand?* By KRistiN

(cover picture: a group "photo" with Dr.Fred, Bernard, Boland, Green, Purple, some flything, and the Eagle-Dragon.)

PAGE ONE: Boland was being chased by Tyron. Tyron was on a motorcycle, BoLand was on his Scooter.

(Picture: Green is crying in the background, saying "Oh, No! My brother Purple Tentacle is trying to take over the world. It starts with cow tipping." Also there is a cow saying "Help! Purple Tentacle tipped me over!" In the foreground is Tyron chasing Boland saying"I'll get you and ruin your new scooter!"(PS the scooter looks like it has boobies...:D

PAGE THREE BoLand Found A weird Figure in the Sand BOX. It looked Like ParT oF AN OCTPUS.

Picture: Boland says to Green "Hi I'm BoLand. Boy is it wrecked Around Here." Green is saying "HeLLow! My NAME is Green Tentacle. Thats my brother Purple tentacle. He's trying to take over the world." Several cows are tipped in the backround, with an arrow labeling them "tipped cows". Also is a news paper labeled "Pictures of tipped cows in the newspaper"

PAGE FOUR (had enuf of me yet? well TOO BAD!)
Dr.Fred created a giant Egale-Dragon. Boland and his mother are trying to get out of the way.(where the hell did his MOTHER come in!?)

Picture: Dr.Fred riding the egale-dragon (ride 'em cowboy!) saying "I will use my egale-dragon to catch Purple Tentacle."
Also is Boland and his mother trying to get out of the way.

PAGE FIVE (God this is taking so long)
BoLand and his mother hitched a ride with Dr.Fred.

Picture: The egale-dragon flying majesticly over the land with Boland, his mom, and Dr.Fred on board. Boland says "Whow! This is way fun!"
Meanwhile, Green is on the ground. What, he doesn't NEED a ride?! Can he DRIVE!?

PAGE SIX (OMFG this is like too hours long)
Dr.Fred said to Boland and his mother: "Get into your respective cronojohns, to go back in time to save Hogy and Lavern."
Boland was suspsicous because the cronojohns looked like portopottys.

Picture: the time machine with the chronojohns. I guess he had spares...:P

PAGE SEVEN (holly crappieoldewvms...)

Picture: retarded interpretation of the tunnel thing. Nurse Edna looks like she's on a toilet.

Boland said, "Where's Hogy?'"
BoLand bumped INTO A big butt. It WAS Hogy's butt.

Picture: The outhouses, and Hogie's butt. :eek:

PAGE TEN (this one you might like)
Lavern was hanging by her panties from the Tree. Boland chopped the tree down to save her.

Picture: Lavern hanging by her panties, the tree being chopped by Boland.

PAGE ELEVEN/TWELVE (laldlsmaldmas)
Finally Boland found the plans to Dr.Fred's super salad battery.

They went back to thier own time.

Picture: use your imagination.

Purple Tentacle was caught tipping cows and went to jail.

Picture: Purple on his way to the big house.

END PAGE (last page...and it makes no sense!)
Ohoh! Look out Purple Tentacle! the Zombie bird has risen!

Picture: Purple in jail, with a bird screaming "Brains!" walking menaceingly towards his cell.

Was that long!? wow...

comments, questions, or concerns?

Some day, i'll scan the pictures...they're a scream....

*boland is not orginal. I stole him from teh sieres "Tyron and Boland adventures". Bah.

11-19-2003, 11:02 PM
Orca will you send me an autographed copy?


11-20-2003, 12:56 AM
Going through some of my old work, I find an MI1 book from when I was 6, and a Maniac Mansion book. And I know this wasn't a story, it had to be a walkthrough, because this is crap.
Actually, I think I'll write another Maniac Mansion...

Orca Wail
11-20-2003, 01:00 AM
@Shivers: I was thinking of posting a pic on my half-assedfd web site at geocites, but for you i'll eventually do it.:p
Why would you want it, though??
Its all no sense!
(sadly, my father wrote the "big words", which were just about ALL the words...:D)


11-20-2003, 01:03 AM
I can't understand what half of this **** says! Good pictures, though.

11-20-2003, 01:23 AM
I think pictures are the most important part. I always did like my picture books best.

Orca Wail
11-20-2003, 02:18 PM
@ SamNMax : NOW I AM CURIOUS. thanks alot (*hint*)

the pictures are a scream.

I didn't believe in coloring in the outlines back then...like, as if i made something with an orange outline, it was to be assumed the whole thing was orange.

And, sadly, I've noticed my drawing techines haven't changed much in the last, oh, eleven years.


11-21-2003, 06:27 AM
I always colored my pictures too much. Then they ended up looking all dark and funky and not at all like I wanted. It doesn't help when you have very limited colors.