View Full Version : trouble with binding help plz

11-18-2003, 01:51 AM
i am trying to bind together to where i can wield and orange dual on one key and split to 2 orange singles with other key.

i have those correct however with each time i push that button the sabers change to a different color- also tried to do a multiple bind to one key but could not get that to work at all would turn em both to 2 single red sabers

this is the 2 i put in:

bind V saber dual_3
Bind B saber single_3 single _3

each time i press them they will spawn random color however

sabercolor 1 orange orange

will turn them both to that color

what i want to know is how the hell can you string those 2 commands together on same key or is that not possible?


11-18-2003, 02:37 AM
for the staff:

bind x "saber1 dual_3; color1 1"

and for the dual sabers:

bind x "saber1 single_3; saber2 single_3; color1 1; color2 1"

that should do it. just remember to put in a different command in place of x and don't forget your quotes.