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11-19-2003, 07:27 AM
Uh, guys, while I'm sure all us moderators appreciate public feedback, I think everyone needs to be reminded that this is an open-ended submission-based project.

There is no directed development. Everyone just does what they want to do and then submits it.

As such, unrequested and random ideas without any plans of personally doing them are about as likely to be done as posting them in the Editing Requests forum.

On a similar subject, I'm not the end all of decision making around here. I just happen to be the creator and the main contributor at the moment. My personal options do have pull with the project, since I'm one of the moderators, but just because I don't like a particular idea doesn't mean it's not going to be accepted into the project. The key is to talk someone into actually doing it.

Anyway, to keep things nice and neat, I'm going to suggest a couple of organization changes around here....

Basically, the idea content of a thread will be shown by it's prefix:

1. First, specify the particular distribution this is most likely applies to (Basic, Enhanced, Vehicles, Skins)

2. Determine what type of concepts thread this is. There are two catagories:

Brainstorming - These topics consern discussion of a particular subject that you have a good chance of actually working on. By working on, I mean actually implimenting such changes, not just design work.

The purpose of these threads is to troll for input on how to make this particular feature the best it can be and possibly hunt for other parties interested in helping to impliment the said feature. Anyone is allowed to contribute as long as they stay on topic.

Ideas - These threads are created for idea discussion where the thread creator isn't interested in implimenting said ideas. The idea here is to try to interest someone that does actual modwork into doing your ideas. Good Luck!


Vehicles Brainstorming: New Vehicle Controls

Basic Ideas: Customizable Voices

I'm going to go about changing thread names to match this new organizational structure soon. Any suggestions/feedback on this new system are welcome.

11-19-2003, 07:36 AM
Sounds good to me. Things were heading towards a beurocratic hell with the current progress.

11-19-2003, 07:56 AM
Exactly. I like feedback from the non-modder public but we gotta keep it in line so we can find the diamonds in the rough so to speak. :)