View Full Version : Linux 1.011 Server. Best setting for speed?

11-21-2003, 08:21 PM
I would like some help in getting my server cvar set better.
My brother and I are running a duel processor linux server with over a gig of ram and tons of hard drive space... Running on a cable modem

As of now we have the server patch to the 1.011 linux

but most of the time the game still DOES NOT SHOW ON the IN_GAME list :(

but the players do login are from overseas and finds it on their lists... what is wrong here?????

I would like some help in maybe better setting these cvars..

copy from server.cfg:

seta com_hunkmegs 256
seta com_maxfps 100
seta com_zoneMegs 128
seta com_SoundMegs 128
seta sv_maxRate 2000
seta sv_fps 50
seta sv_zombietime 500
seta sv_timeout 200
seta g_inactivity 500

I have try about every value i heard of high to low... from very small to HUGE... and not liking what i'm getting