View Full Version : JediLiberator's wish list

11-24-2003, 01:45 AM
My opinion on what needs to be added(or in some cases returned) to the JK series in terms of features.

1) The old morality light/dark scale that the original JK used
2) the presence of npc civilians in logical locations
3)alter the jedi mind trick power as an area affect ability at level three.
4)Change heavy stance with single saber to have less wind up and more overswing.
5) allow player to target specific enemies with push,pull, grip etc by targeting them in the reticle(not necessary, but as a tactical option)
6) Add staff like kicks to all styles. If you choose to kick you should be vunerable and your opponent should be able to cut off your leg. (No more JK2 kick lamers)
7)Add a blocking button to give you complete control of whether your on offense or defense.
8)Change the absorb power so it requires you to use a hand and allows you to absorb energy weapon fire( ala vader in ESB)
9)Change kata moves so you can break out of them mid move or shift into a different attack.
Well that all for now kiddies. Post your comments and criticisms as you please. Have fun! :D